Stuff We've Learned

All pets must be controlled.

Alligators live here too.

Be careful cleaning your roof.

Concrete Washing Tips

Crape Myrtles – Care and Feeding

Crape Myrtles – Proper Trimming

Crime Prevention Tips

Dogs and Cats - Animal Services FAQs

Dogs must be leashed

Don’t trim “dead” plants until spring.

Fire Ants - Biological Control

Gated Communities – Pros and Cons

Lawn 'N Order

Major Gardening Chores by the month

St Augustine Grass - Common Summer Problems

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Tree Planting

Tree Problem Solving

Tree Selection and Location

Tree Straightening

We don’t live in a flood plain.

Weed Wars – Types and Strategies

Whose job is it anyway?

You (not Orange County) are responsible for your sidewalk.

Zika Prevention – Do Your Part


This page was updated on 5/3/2019