Cypress Isles
Waterford Lakes Tract N-25A Neighborhood Association, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting
January 15, 2008
Office of Exit Real Estate
11555 Lake Underhill Road


Board members present: Myron Davis, Harold Engold, Dennis Horazak, Cookie Symons, John Culbertson, John Tenney, and Ron Wiley. Also present were Property Manager Judith Meldrum, Newsletter Editor Sandy Horazak, ReNEW Grant Coordinator Claudia Rilea, and Block Captain Gail Strachan

1. Call to Order: President Ron Wiley called the meeting to order at 6:33 pm

2. Certify Quorum: All seven Board members were present, thus establishing a quorum.

3. Proof of Notice was given.

4. Approval of Agenda: No items were added to the Agenda, and the agenda was approved unanimously.

5. Approval of minutes: John Tenney moved that the October 16, 2007 minutes be approved as written, Cookie seconded, and the minutes were approved unanimously. John Tenney noted a correction in the November 27, 2007 minutes and moved that the corrected minutes be approved. Dennis seconded, and the corrected minutes were approved unanimously.

6. Community Manager's Report: Judith Meldrum delivered copies of the December 2007 financial report and presented a list of ARC violations. She mentioned that Chris Tocco, the Operations Manager for Carol King Landscaping, would like a Board member to meet with their crew supervisor for a walking inspection about once a month. Ron volunteered to meet with the crew supervisor for the first walk-through, with other board members handling subsequent months. Carol King plans to trim the bushes at the north entrance soon.

Several homeowners sent checks for $47 to Community Management Professionals, apparently because their coupon books had not arrived by the payment deadline of January 1. The coupon books have now been delivered, showing quarterly fees of $54. If those homeowners have not sent their additional $7 by January 31, the Property Manager will send them statements without penalty asking for the $7 balance.

7. Financial Report: Myron Davis summarized the financial report, noting a 2007 operating surplus of $3,461.72.

8. Architectural Review Committee: Harold Engold reported that no AR applications were received since November.

636 Divine Circle has had outstanding ARC violations for some time, and Dennis moved that the Property Manager ask our attorney to send a compliance demand letter to the owner of 636 Divine Circle. This first step of legal action will cost approximately $90-100; subsequent mediation would cost $250 to file and around $400 in attorney's fees. Harold Engold seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

9. Newsletter: Sandy Horazak reported recent neighborhood interest in advertising in the Cypress Isles News, payment for which would be used to offset printing and other costs. Payments by advertisers should be made payable to Waterford Lakes Tract N-25A. The deadline for the February 2008 Cypress Isles news is February 1, 2008.

10. Neighborhood Watch: John Culbertson reported that about half of the homeowner database had been updated, and the other half is being sought. John plans to write an article about the new Neighborhood Watch block definitions for the February Cypress Isles News.

Harold Engold reported that he had talked with the Sheriff about the COPS program. The Sheriff stated that they were currently out of cars, but would contact us when a car becomes available. Cypress Isles will need to provide 25 volunteers, who will be required to take defensive driving and CPR classes. Harold plans to write an article about the COPS program for the February Cypress Isles News.

John Tenney reported that a house alarm recently went off in Block 6, and many homeowners came out quickly to check on their neighbor's house.

John Culbertson reported hearing youths firing shotguns around the pond behind his house that separates Cypress Isles from Barrington. John might write an article about when to call 911 for the February Cypress Isles News.

11. Traffic Committee: ReNEW grant Coordinator, Claudia Rilea reported on the progress of the traffic calming project. Mike Cirello is currently circulating a petition asking Orange County to install up to 2 islands and up to 5 speed humps along Spring Island Way. Once complete, the petition is sent to Orange County for analysis, a process that usually takes two to three months. The Traffic Committee recommends the numbers and locations of the islands and speed humps, subject to final approval by Orange County. After that, Orange County will send post cards asking Spring Island Way residents whether they are willing to pay certain costs for certain choices.

Two islands and five humps are estimated to cost about $41,000. The county commissioner donated $5,000 to this project, and half of the other $36,000 would be covered by the ReNEW grant, leaving the remaining $18,000 to be divided among the 82 homes on Spring Island Way at $220 per home. Orange County would maintain the hardscapes of the islands and humps, if installed, and Cypress Isles would maintain the landscaping.

John Tenney made a motion to compose a 1-page flyer to the residents of Spring Island Way indicating the proposed locations of the islands and humps, indicating that they will be partially funded by Orange County and to direct any feedback to him; to distribute such flyers to the residents of Spring Island Way within two weeks; and to report to the Board, by email, about the distribution and any feedback. The motion was seconded by Cookie and passed unanimously by the Board.

Claudia is the contact person for the ReNEW grant, and Ron is the alternate. Ron and Claudia will meet with Orange County on January 22nd to discuss the ReNEW grant.

12. Unfinished Business:

a. 908 SIW Mailing Address - Judith announced that the property owner's correct mailing address has finally been determined.
b. Required ARC Meetings - In accordance with recently enacted state legislation requiring public ARC meetings, Harold reported that our ARC is posting its meeting notices on the WLCA bulletin board at the cabana before each meeting. It was noted that F.S. 720.303(2)(a) requires "public meetings of any committee… when a final decision will be made…," and that the WLCA ("Master") ARC makes final ARC decisions, so the new law might only apply to them. Ron will consult with the OCHAA for their opinions on this matter.
c. Operating Surplus to Reserves: John Tenney moved to transfer $3,461.72, which was the operating surplus funds as of December 31, 2007, to a separate bank account called the "2009 Supplement Account" to be used as a supplement to the 2009 budget. John Culbertson seconded and motion passed unanimously.
d. Changes to Legal Documents: Dennis reported that he and Ron had not yet met to determine which parts of the Cypress Isles legal documents would have to be changed to comply with recent changes to state laws and WLCA regulations, and to specify Board decisions on ARC paint colors and recreational vehicle parking. Dennis and Ron will review the documents and propose changes, which will be later turned over to our lawyers for review and implementation.

13. New Business:

a. Coupon book late delivery - Because of the late delivery of coupon books, the Board directed the Property Manager not to charge interest against any Cypress Isles homeowner paying their fees before January 31, 2008.
b. Entrance signage cleaning - Ron Wiley made a motion, which Cookie Symons seconded, to solicit a proposal for the cleaning of the signage at the entrances to Cypress isles. The motion passed unanimously.
c. Landscape Management planning - The installation of mulch and the planting of new bedding plants at the north entrance will be scheduled when Ron meets with the landscaping crew supervisor.
d. Lighting contest winners - The December 16, 2007 Holiday Lighting contest winners were
First Place: Richard Patten, 702 Divine Circle
Second Place: Joseph & Carolyn Kreuzpaintner, 830 Spring Island Way
Third Place: Mike & Sharon Cirello, 620 Spring Island Way
Honorable Mention: Jeff & Roxanne Dekorver, 806 Spring Island Way

14. The next Board meeting will be March 18th, 2008.

15. Adjournment. Dennis Horazak moved to adjourn the meeting, Cookie Symons seconded, the motion was approved unanimously, and the meeting was adjourned at 8:46 pm.



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Dennis Horazak, Secretary