Board of Directors Meeting
January 16, 2007
Office of Exit Real Estate
11555 Lake Underhill Road


Board members present: Myron Davis, Harold Engold, Dennis Horazak, John Will Tenney, Mike Kranz and Ron Wiley. Lee Blackwell was absent. Newsletter Editor Sandy Horazak was also present.

Two homeowners (Tom Tong and Gail Strachan) were also present.

1. Call to Order: President Ron Wiley called the meeting to order at 6:35pm.

2. Certify Quorum: Six of the seven Board members were present, thus establishing a quorum.

3. Proof of Notice was given.

4. Opening remarks:

o Ron noted that all present knew the protocol for the meeting and asked if there were any amendments to the agenda.
o Ron welcomed the homeowners present, Tom Tong of 510 Spring Island Way, and Gail Strachan of 609 Spring Island Way.
o The WLCA Annual Meeting is coming up January 22nd at Discovery Middle School. Ron will be attending and encouraged any other interested parties to do so as well, and to consider running for the positions that may be open on the Board or Committees.
o Ron reported on the Holiday Decoration Contest ride-through with John, Dennis & Harold. They selected 3 homes as winners of the honors, certificates, letters of congratulations and signs:

> First Prize to Scott & Cookie Symons of 13756 Crystal River Drive
> Second Prize to the Williams Family of 849 Spring Island Way
> Third Prize to the Navaille Family of 13201 White Cedar Court
> Ron thanked all for their contribution to the reduction of email.

5. Approval of minutes: After review of November 19, 2006, minutes, John Tenney noted that two corrections were needed. Dennis Horazak made a motion to approve the corrected minutes and Mike Kranz gave a second. Minutes as corrected unanimously approved by the Board.

6. Financial report

o Treasurer Myron Davis gave the Financial Report. December/year end financial reports are not yet prepared, but all Board members are urged to look at them carefully when they are distributed.
o Sue noted that Florida law requires that copies of the 2006 year end financial report and 2007 budget be offered by mail to all homeowners, and she offered to mail postcards with that information. Dennis noted that the 2007 budget had already been mailed to all homeowners in the November 2006 Cypress Isles News, and that the legally required notice of availability would be included in the February 2007 Cypress Isles News to avoid the cost of mailing postcards.
o Outstanding bills to be paid were reviewed. Motion by John to approve payment of $108 to reimburse Mike for four $25 Simon Mall gift cards (plus $2 handling fee by Simon) that he purchased to give to the homeowners near the entrances who donated water for pressure washing, seconded by Dennis, and approved unanimously.
o John made a motion to have Ron continue to negotiate for a reduction bill from Palmer Electric, so that it can be settled and paid. Motion carried

7. Architectural Review Committee

o The recent neighborhood inspection, followed by the closing of numerous open items that had been resolved, resulted in 24 currently active ARC issues. Two new Architectural Review Applications were received and approved. Sue was asked to draft a letter to the owner of 639 Spring Island Way, as there is still a blue tarp on the chimney. The letter should request that the owner provide a date within 60 days when work can be completed.
o Mike will follow up with the homeowner at 13762 Crystal River Drive regarding the temporary white plastic picket fence and orange plastic construction fence that has been up since 2004.
o Sue was asked to send a letter to the homeowner at 939 Spring Island Way for exterior painting that was apparently done without ARC approval. It was noted that this address might have a new owner.

8. Neighborhood Watch: John Tenney reported no new incidents. John met with Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary and several other officials of the Orange County Sheriff's office about plans to protect the community. Angelo Nieves told him that for 1 to 3 gates Orange County would still maintain the roads, since the neighborhood was not completely enclosed by gates. There was a discussion about speed and traffic cut-through deterrents, with options that include gates, road humps and signal lights. Harold made a motion for John to form and chair an ad hoc committee to make recommendations for action that will reduce traffic cut-through. A goal was set for April, to prepare items for consideration for the May Membership meeting agenda. The motion passed.
Ron reported that the 2007 budget will accommodate Sheriff deputy patrols at 4 hours per month.

9. Newsletter: Editor Sandy Horazak confirmed that the deadline for the February issue will be February 1st. She only has 2 articles so far, and needs more. Myron will continue to subsidize the costs for printing as a special benefit to the HOA and Lee will continue to pay for postage in exchange for his advertisement; therefore there will be no cost to the HOA for the February newsletter.

10. Unfinished Business:

o Mike and Denny will continue to review language for the Violation Letter templates.
o There was a continuation of previous discussions of conservation and open space areas, with a goal to get final language sent to the attorney to reclassify land.

11. New Business:

o Sue is still pursuing bids for comprehensive landscaping/pest control/fertilization and irrigation providers. The current contracts have a provision for cancellation with 30 days notice. Dennis will provide Sue with maps of the common areas to be maintained.
o Sue was asked to have the landscaper trim only the purple coleus plants blocking the lights at the entrance.

12. The next meeting will be March 20, 2007.
Prior to adjournment, new neighbors "Dr. K" and Anna Khalaf (who joined the meeting after it began) were welcomed to the meeting and to the community.

13. Motion to adjourn was made by Denny, seconded by John, and unanimously approved. Meeting adjourned at 8:17pm.