Board of Directors Meeting
Location: Connect Realty, 11555 Lake Underhill Road
March 16, 2010


1. Call to Order - The meeting was called to order at 6:37 P.M.

2. Certify Quorum - The board members present were John Tenney, Ron Wiley, Dennis Horazak, Harold Engold and Myron Davis. Absent were Cookie Symons and Bob Hopper. Also present were Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Sandy Horazak, Webmaster Dennis Bode, Manager Judith Meldrum and two homeowners.

3. Proof of Notice: Proof of notice was given.

4. Adoption of Agenda: Dennis Horazak made a motion to approve the agenda as written with no changes. John Tenney seconded and the motion carried.

5. Approval of Minutes: John Tenney made a motion to accept the minutes as is. Dennis Horazak seconded the motion and the motion was carried.

6. Reports of officers

A. Treasurer's Report - Myron Davis reviewed the February 2010 financials and the board accepted them.

7. Committee Reports:

a. Architectural Review Committee: Harold Engold reported that there were two ARA applications approved since the last meeting. He also stated that he and Cookie went to the Master ARC meeting to discuss changes to their guidelines. However, no significant changes were made. Ron Wiley noted that motions to change the WLCA documents relating to ARC and fee issues failed at the WLCA Annual Members Meeting in January.
b. Grounds Maintenance Committee: Ron Wiley reported that there were no changes or problems with the new vendor related to common area landscaping.
Carol King Invoice for Mulch & Annuals: Ron Wiley will compose a letter addressing discrepancies on the invoice dated 1-20-2010 for mulch and annuals. He will then forward to the manager for input and then the letter will go to the board for approval before sending.
Ron also noted that a floodlight fixture and timer at the south entrance need replacing. John Tenney motioned to have the manager secure a quotation to have the repairs done. Harold Engold seconded and the motion carried.
c. COPS Committee: Harold Engold reported that Scott Symons did six hours of the patrolling in January and February, including property checks of Waterford Lakes schools and shopping center.
d. Neighborhood Watch: Sandy Horazak reported that there have been no incidents since January.
e. Newsletter: The next deadline for the Cypress Isles News is May 1, 2010.
8. Report of the Association Manager: The manager's report was accepted as written. Judith submitted Cypress Isles for Community of Excellence Awards in 2 categories - Website and security -- for a yearly contest for a community management trade publication. Dennis Bode, Sandy Horazak and Harold Engold were encouraged to attend the awards ceremonies, which will be on March 23rd.

9. New Business:
a. Annual Meeting Plans: The Annual Members Meeting will be on May 18, 2010. Connect Realty has changed the interior layout of the building, and the large meeting room that had been used for Annual Meetings no longer exists. The board agreed that the HOA needs to meet at a larger facility so the manager, board members, and members volunteered to try and locate an available meeting place by March 31. Dennis Horazak will inquire about the Eastwood HOA clubhouse, Fairwinds Credit Union, and the Publix at Alafaya Commons; Sandy Horazak will inquire about the Eastwood Publix; Judith Meldrum will inquire about St. Joseph's Catholic Church on Alafaya; and Gail Strachan will inquire about Woodbury Presbyterian Church.
Dennis Horazak will update last year's election materials and forward them to Judith for printing and mailing. Members must receive their election materials by April 18th.

b. The next board meeting will be on May 18, 2010.
Adjournment - Harold Engold moved for adjournment, Dennis Horazak seconded the motion, and the meeting was adjourned at 7:54 P.M.
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