Board of Directors Meeting
Location: Connect Realty, 11555 Lake Underhill Road
March 17, 2009

1. Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 6:32 P.M.

2. Certify Quorum – The board members present were John Tenney, Ron Wiley, Myron Davis and
Dennis Horazak. A quorum was present. Absent were Harold Engold, Cookie Symons and Bob
Hopper. Also present were Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Sandy Horazak, Manager Judith
Meldrum and one homeowner.

3. Proof of Notice: Proof of notice was given.

4. Adoption of Agenda: Dennis Horazak made a motion to approve the agenda. Ron Wiley seconded
the motion and the motion was carried.

5. Approval of Minutes: Ron Wiley made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Dennis Horazak
seconded the motion and the motion was carried.

6. Reports of Officers

A. Treasurer Myron Davis summarized the February 2009 financial report. Ron Wiley requested
that the manager find out the status of accounts for Lot 42 (603 Spring Island Way) and Lot 90
(800 Spring Island Way). He also asked for the owed assessment for 529 Spring Island Way.
Judith will check on the status of these properties and inform the board.

7. Reports of Committees

A. Architectural Review Committee: No report was given about applications, but ongoing violations
at 13215 Spring Haven Court, 915 Spring Island Way, and 13201 White Cedar Circle were
discussed. These members had each received three letters to clean their driveways, sidewalks and
walkways, but have not complied. Judith will suspend sending notices to these three properties
while Board members speak to the homeowners.
The homeowner present notified the board and manager that the first Violation letter was
incorrect in that it only allows 7 days from the date of the letter instead of 30 days to correct the
issue. The board asked the manager to have this form letter corrected in data bank.

B. Grounds Maintenance Committee: Ron Wiley reported that the landscaping contract with Carol
King renewed on January 1, 2009 with no increase, and that Carol King is performing their
duties. He also reported that he had fixed a sprinkler head and repaired a seam on the Cypress
Isles sign at the northeast entrance. He also called WLCA about insufficient irrigation on the
west side of the southwest entrance.

C. COPS Committee: John Tenney reported that Cypress Isles now has a patrol car, which is parked
next door to the home of COPS chair Harold Engold. He further reported that Harold will use the
patrol car when he finishes additional training. He also reported that Scott Symons was near
completion in the training/processing as a COPS volunteer, and that Hank Fordham has been
issued a training application.

D. Neighborhood Watch: Sandy Horazak reported no incidents since the last meeting.

E. Newsletter: Sandy Horazak confirmed that an advertiser’s check has been received, and Judith
confirmed that it had been received at the management office. The amount should more than
cover newsletter costs for the remainder of the year. She also confirmed May1 as the copy due
date for the next Cypress Isles News.

8. Report of the Association Manager: The manager’s report was accepted as written.

9. New Business:

A. Collection Policy Approval: This item was tabled because necessary information from the
Bylaws was not available at the meeting. Dennis Horazak will email the Bylaws collection policy
to the board, updated to align with recent Florida statutory changes, and propose entries to the
CMP Collection Policy form that align with these documents. The board will then decide what to
write on the Standard Collection Program form for CMP.

B. Plans for Annual Meeting: The Annual meeting will be on May 19, 2009. Judith will research
Florida state statutes to determine whether failure to attain a quorum at the May 19th annual
meeting requires the scheduling of subsequent annual meeting date or dates. Dennis Horazak will
prepare the standard Cypress Isles packet and forward it to Judith for mailing.

10. Adjournment – Dennis Horazak moved for adjournment. Myron Davis seconded the motion, and
the meeting was adjourned at 7:54P.M.


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Dennis Horazak, Secretary