Cypress Isles

Board of Directors Meeting

March 18, 2003 6:30 p.m.

Orange County Library - Alafaya branch, 12000 Colonial Drive


Board members and homeowners present:

Sonya Barsness, Chip Crane, Myron Davis, Steve Hartman and Jean Thomsin. Jim Grimley, Property Manager from Penn First was also present. In addition there were 5 homeowners present.

1. Call to Order

Vice-President Steve Hartman called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.

2. Certify Quorum

Five board members present. Quorum established.

3. Proof of Notice

Proof of Notice was given.

4. Approval of minutes from previous meeting

The minutes of the February 18, 2003 meeting were approved as submitted.

5. Financial Reports

February 2003 financials: Myron Davis discussed the Income/Expenses Statement for February. We have a positive (income) of $1,201. This raises the equity to $18,626 at the end of February.

Collections status: We are in pretty good shape with our homeowner collections. Only three homeowners are 2 months late with their quarterly payments. One of them is new. Myron is in the process of reminding these homeowners.

6. Committee Reports

Newsletter – Sandy mentioned that the next newsletter will come out in May after the annual meeting and board member elections.

Neighborhood Watch – Myron Davis reported about one incident in which teenagers had broken into a garage, but were caught by police. It is not known who has ruined the light pole at the front entrance. Steve Hartman mentioned that another group of teenagers threw out a case of beer bottles in his neighbor’s yard, while Chuck the deputy sheriff looked on. They were cited for several infractions. In another WL neighborhood the owner rock garden with Koi fish pond in his front yard was vandalized. The perpetrator(s) purposely killed the expensive fish by letting detergent slowly dripping in the pond. All homeowners are asked to be aware of these potential attacks of vandalism and report any knowledge to the office of WLCA at 407-380-3803.

ARC – Chip Crane reported that in the monthly drive around 3 additional ‘friendly reminders’ have been given out. Most homeowners have taken corrective action after the walk through earlier this year. One homeowner has taken care of 2 issues, but not on the third (removal of dead palm fronds). A letter has gone out to this homeowner asking for corrective action on the third issue. There was considerable discussion about the fact that people erect fountains in their front yard without going through the ARC process. Chip Crane mentioned that he will get these people to submit an ARC for review and the record. The dark paint on the house on Spring Island Way has been modified to a somewhat lighter color and an off white trim. Any change needs an ARC form.

Yard of the Month – Chip Crane mentioned that the Yard of the month activity is going well.

7. Entrance Lights

Ron Wiley reported that all approvals from FPL are in and that accounts have been set up. The statements will go to Myron Davis the treasurer. When the broken light pole is being replaced an electric contact pedestal will be installed for one of our four lights. The total all in cost for the project now stands at $5,978. Ron mentioned that he will try to get this somewhat down especially when some of the trench digging can be done by some of us. Ron got the green light to start the project for a total cost up to $5,500. (The board has allowed a cost up to $5,500 – see the September 17, 2002 minutes). The 4 x $200 deposit required for the 4 meters will be used over time to pay for monthly electricity bills.

8. Old Business

Replacing dead or missing trees - Jean Thomsin mentioned that he wants to wait another 6 to 8 weeks to see how the Winged Elms planted last May are holding up. The remaining Drake Elms are already showing vigorous spring growth. The Winged Elms are about 1 month later. Some Winged Elms that did not do well last year are the first to show signs of life. So far only three people have indicated their interest in a new tree.

9. New Business

Annual Meeting and Proxy Proposal: Jean Thomsin and the other three members of the proxy committee (Dennis Horazak, Bill Snook and Ron Wiley) presented the results of their work. The proposal is based on changing the proxy from a General Proxy (only used for obtaining a quorum) to a Limited Proxy (used in voting for board member candidates).

The annual meeting and board members elections process will be improved and made clear to the homeowners via a new Annual Meeting Invitation Letter, Candidate Information Sheet and Proxy. Furthermore the proposal calls for all candidates (including incumbent board members) to submit the Candidate Information Sheet, which includes a ‘Summary of candidate’s qualifications and plans’.

The “Florida Statutes for Homeowners’ Associations” as well as the Waterford Lakes and the Cypress Isles documents generally refer to the proxy as a voting proxy. Therefore the Proxy committee believes that the changes would be in line with legal requirements. Moreover Cypress Isles has no bylaws where this matter could have been clarified.

The following timetable was proposed:

- Preliminary Proposal ready for Proxy Committee input: March 6

- Proposal ready for email to BOD: March 12

- Board of Directors meeting: March 18 (receive the board's blessing)

- Invitation letter incl. candidate sheet hand delivered to homeowners: March 21

- Candidate information Sheets from candidates to Secretary: April 4

- Proxies mailed to homeowners: April 8

- Proxies received by Secretary: April 20

- Annual meeting: Tuesday April 22

There was a lively discussion and the Proxy Committee was asked to re-word the Proxy somewhat to ensure that the secretary would not get ‘too much power’ over the voting process. Jean Thomsin agreed to modify the Proxy accordingly. It was furthermore agreed to that the actual voting and tabulation would take place at the meeting, including the proxies sent in to the secretary.

The board members were generally in agreement with the Proxy proposal. However, it was felt strongly by Jim Grimley of Penn Management and several board members that since we are changing the voting process that a legal opinion (blessing) was required to avoid potential problems.

Myron Davis made the motion that we go through with the process as proposed, but that Jean Thomsin and Ron Wiley let a lawyer review the proposed documents and Proxy Process as soon as possible and give his or her opinion. The fee for this should not go beyond two hours as was agreed to last month. The motion was seconded by Sonya Barsness and approved unanimously. This will modify the timing somewhat.

10. Open Forum

There were no further items brought up.

11. Next Meeting

The next meeting is the Annual Meeting and is scheduled for Tuesday, April 22nd at 6:30 p.m.

12. Adjournment

Jean Thomsin made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Steve Hartman. The meeting was adjourned at 8:42 p.m.


___________________ _______________________

Notes submitted by Board of Directors

Jean Thomsin

Secretary of the Board