Cypress Isles
March 19, 2002 6:30 p.m.
Orange County Library - Alafaya branch, 12000 Colonial Drive


Board members present: Myron Davis, Steve Hartman, Larry Sheeler, Bill Snook, Jean Thomsin and Cookie Symons. Tom Tempfer, Property Manager from Penn First was also present. In addition there were eight homeowners present.

1. Call to Order
Vice-President Steve Hartman called the meeting to order at 6:31 p.m. Proof of Notice was given.

2. Certify Quorum
All present board members present. Quorum established.

3. Proof of Notice
Proof of Notice was given.

4. Approval of minutes
Some names of people present on February 19, 2002 were wrong and will be corrected. The rest of the minutes were approved as submitted.

5. Financial Report
Myron Davis presented the Income/Expense Statement and Balance Sheet for the period ending 2/28/02. Myron explained the item Management and other administrative expenses. The Board also reviewed the Delinquency Report. There was some discussion on the validity of the numbers (#50 and #57) and this will be looked into. Account # 035 is on a payment plan.

6. Committee Reports
ARC - Larry Sheeler reported that there have not been any new project requests. Jean was asked again to talk to the owner of lot 77 about possible plans to finish the repairs to the exterior stucco wall which is considered unsightly.
Neighborhood Watch - Cookie Symons reported that it has been quiet in the neighborhood with no problems.
Newsletter - Sandy and Dennis Horazak handed out preliminary info and a request for copy for the April 4 spring issue. The deadline for sending in copy is March 26th. They stressed that it is important to get the newsletter out on time, since we have our yearly meeting and board members elections coming up on April 16th.
Hats Off and Yard of the Month - Chip Crane reported that he has not yet approached either The Home Depot or Lowe's for possible sponsorship of the 'Yard of the Month' program. He will try to do so this month.

7. Management Report
Tom Tempfer introduced a general reminder letter to be sent to all homeowners reminding them about their responsibility to keep up the maintenance of the property. It was acknowledged that this letter is important and that the expertise of Sandy and Dennis would be used to edit the letter before it will be sent. Larry Sheeler made the motion that after possible editing the letter would be sent to all homeowners. The motion was seconded by Bill Snook and was passed unanimously.

8. Old Business
Entrance Lights - Larry Sheeler reported that all contractors were geared up to do the work, but that the permit still has not been issued by Orange County. He hopes that an engineer he has contact with can expedite. However, it is not certain that the project will be done by April 16th.
Street Trees - Jean Thomsin presented a draft of a 2nd letter to homeowners who (still) not have a street tree or a dead tree on their lot. It was suggested that the letter should have some more 'teeth' in it by mentioning the neighborhood documents and the requirement to comply by May 1st 2002. The alternative is to obtain a free tree from Orange County. People are asked to sign up for this program by contacting Jean Thomsin by the end of this month. (The amended letter was sent on 3/20/02). Myron and Jean will contact 8 other homeowners on corner lots where an extra tree would be nice and ask if they want to participate in the program. The newsletter will mention that anybody that has a bad tree or is otherwise dissatisfied with their street tree can sign-up for a free tree in the near future (after May 1st).

9. New Business
Street Lights on Crystal River Drive - Larry Sheeler explained that everything is a go to install extra street lights in the dark section of Crystal River Drive.
Proxies for next month's Annual Meeting on April 16th - It was stated that the proxies given by homeowners are only to establish a needed quorum of 30% to be able to hold the yearly meeting and board members elections. It is not a proxy to vote on the homeowners behalf. Bill Snook mentioned that this limitation is not clear in the present document. Since the proxies have been sent already they will not be changed. However, this will be explained in the upcoming newsletter and in one of the board meetings after April 16th we will address this issue again.
It was further suggested that the help of the block captains would be requested to collect enough proxies from people to insure there is a quorum present for the meeting.

10. Open Forum
There were no further questions or comments from the floor.

11. Adjournment
Steve Hartman made the motion to adjourn, seconded Larry Sheeler. Meeting was adjourned at 7:40.

12. Next Meeting
Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 16th at 6:30 p.m.




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submitted by Board of Directors
Jean Thomsin
Secretary of the Board