April 22, 2003

" Board members: Sonya Barsness, Chip Crane, Myron Davis, Steve Hartman, Larry Sheeler, Cookie Symons and Jean Thomsin.
" Also in attendance, Tom Bontrager of Penn First Management, Inc.
" There were also approx. 30 homeowners in attendance (24 lots represented)

Call to order
" Larry called the meeting to order at 7:01 P.M.
Certify quorum
" Quorum certified: 24 Homeowners + 43 Proxies = 67 (30% of 140 = 42).
Proof of notice of meeting
" Proof of notice presented.
Approval of minutes of previous annual member meeting
" Minutes of previous annual member meeting of April 16, 2002 accepted as written.

" Myron Davis gave Financial Report for 2003 through March 31, 2003. Dick Glesener asked some clarification about the 'cash' position of the Neighborhood Association ($18,065). Myron and Larry Sheeler responded that we have an expense of some $5,500 for the entrance lights coming up and that we need some reasonable reserve for unforeseen expenses. The Financial Report was accepted as written.
Presidents Report
" Larry Sheeler reviewed the activities and achievements of the last twelve months such as:
" ARC under Chip Cranes leadership has done a great job.
" Hats off successful as a positive appreciation for homeowner's efforts (Chip Crane).
" Fall Festival was our first community celebration (Allen Huck, et al)
" Holiday Lighting Contest held for the second year.
" New lighting in Crystal River drive (no cost to us)
" Excellent Newsletter thanks to Sandy & Dennis Horazak.
" Welcome package for new homeowners compiled by Sonya Barsness.
" Good financial control by Myron Davis.
" Excellent Cypress Isles website (rare among WL neighborhoods) kept running by Dennis Bode.
" Neighborhood Watch activity run by Cookie Symons & Myron Davis.
" Entry Lights Project close to implementation under budget thanks to Ron Wiley.
" Tree planting was a community wide effort led by Jean Thomsin.
" Proxy Committee chaired by Jean Thomsin, with help from Dennis Horazak, Bill Snook and Ron Wiley, facilitated a smooth Annual Member Meeting and Election process.
" Steve Hartman as Vice-President stepped in when Larry had to excuse himself because of potential conflict of interest situations.
" All in all an active year.

Election of Directors
" Jean Thomsin handed out Ballot Sheets with the 'Summaries of candidate's qualifications & plans' and explained the voting and counting process.
" Dick Glesener asked if 7 board members are a legal maximum. The answer is there is no limit other than an odd number.
" Some of the original Board members (Myron Davis and Steve Hartman) felt that it had been difficult to reach consensus with 9 in part because of personalities and all being new to the board. However, both had no strong preference for either 7 or 9 board members.
" There were no other candidate nominations from the floor.
" Larry Sheeler mentioned that he would rather not run if there was opposition from the members because of his potential conflict of interest.
" Steve Hartman mentioned that although there was the potential for conflict of interest, there has never been an actual conflict as long as Larry has been on the board.
" Several homeowners spoke out in favor of having Larry on the board.
" Larry accepted his candidacy for board member.
" After this each of the nine candidates introduced themselves and talked about their experiences and their plans for the board.
" Dick Glesener made the motion to accept all 9 candidates as the new board. This was seconded by Paul Bartlett and accepted by the majority (two nays).
" Therewith the following 9 candidates were 'voted' in as Cypress Isles Board of Directors:

" Chip Crane
" Myron Davis
" Steve Hartman
" Dennis Horazak
" Larry Sheeler
" Bill Snook
" Cookie Symons
" Jean Thomsin
" Ron Wiley

" Larry Sheeler thanked Sonya Barsness for her activity on the board of last year.

Open Forum
" Entrance lights: Ron Wiley reported that he has the contract ready to sign and start the work within 2 weeks.
" Back (East) entrance: Claudia Rilea asked if something could be done to improve the appearance of the back entrance. It looks shabby with a crooked sign and several dead plants and shrubs. Larry Sheeler mentioned that Tom Bontrager would discuss improvements with our landscape contractor and the consulting horticulturist.
" Drainage and Resurfacing: A homeowner asked about the road work that has started on Spring Island Way. Larry mentioned that this would be the installation of 'underdrain' in two sections of SIW followed by a complete resurfacing all of Cypress Isles. This can take up to 6 months and cause some hardship by not being able to get into the garage.
" Colors for Houses: Josephine Bowman asked about allowing people to paint their houses in much different colors than the rest of the community. Chip Crane responded that the original 15-16 neutral Centex color schemes are not always available at Color Wheel anymore. The trend is to go to more earthly tones. The ARC has impacted 3 homeowner's wishes for color application for color schemes and asked them to 'tone down' their colors. The suggestion was made to provide some guidelines for the homeowners. This is a lot of work and Chip suggested that people contact Color Wheel to discuss color schemes and take color samples home. The ARC was asked to put this advice on the CI website.

" Motion to adjourn made by Jean Thomsin Seconded by Cookie Symons. Meeting adjourned at 8:14 p.m.


Submitted by: Approved by:
Jean Thomsin
Secretary of the Board
Board of Directors


April 22, 2003

Call to order
" Meeting called to order at 8:19 pm.
Approval of minutes of previous annual member meeting
" Minutes of previous annual member meeting of April 16, 2002 accepted as written.
Election of Officers
" Motion by Jean Thomsin seconded by Ron Wiley nominating Dennis Horazak, President.
" Motion by Dennis Horazak seconded by Steve Hartman nominating Jean Thomsin, President.
" Jean Thomsin mentioned that he would rather be secretary as before and therefore withdrew his nomination.
" Dennis Horazak accepted as President unanimously
" Motion by Jean Thomsin, seconded by Dennis Horazak nominating Larry Sheeler, Vice-President.
" Motion by Ron Wiley, seconded by Myron Davis nominating Bill Snook, Vice-President
" Voting for Larry (5x) and Bill (4x)
" Larry Sheeler accepted as Vice-President.
" Motion by Larry Sheeler, seconded by Chip Crane nominating Jean Thomsin, Secretary. No other nominations
" Jean Thomsin accepted as Secretary.
" Motion by Larry Sheeler, seconded by Dennis Horazak nominating Ron Wiley, Treasurer.
" Motion by Steve Hartman, seconded by Chip Crane nominating Myron Davis, Treasurer.
" Voting for Ron (3x) and Myron (6x)
" Myron Davis accepted as Treasurer.
" Larry Sheeler nominated Chip Crane to chair ARC committee. Seconded by Cookie Symons. All in favor.
" Cookie Symons, Bill Snook and Steve Hartman nominated as a member of the ARC committee. All in favor.
" The ARC committee will try to find a non board member to join the ARC as well (Chip)
" The Neighborhood Watch Committee remains to be made up of the following members. Myron Davis and Cookie Symons.
" Proxy Committee will be chaired by Jean Thomsin and has Dennis Horazak, Bill Snook and Ron Wiley as members. Larry Sheeler will provide the committee with By-Laws if existing.
" Signing checks for the Cypress Isles Board: Dennis Horazak, Myron Davis, and Jean Thomsin. Tom Bontrager signs for Penn Management.
" The Newsletter committee continues to be made up of Sandy and Dennis Horazak.
" The Cypress Isles website is maintained by Dennis Bode.
" Walk around: Tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM Chip, Cookie, Larry, Myron and Jean will do a walk around the entrances starting at the back.
" Signing the Entrance Lights contract: Larry Sheeler made the motion that Myron signs the contract/ seconded by Cookie Symons. Approved unanimously.
" Motion to adjourn by Cookie Symons. Seconded by Dennis Horazak. All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 P.M.


Submitted by: Approved by:
Jean Thomsin
Secretary of the Board
Board of Directors