May 18, 2004

" Board members: Myron Davis, Dennis Horazak, Bill Snook, Jean Thomsin and Ron Wiley.
" Also in attendance, Tom Bontrager of Penn First Management, Inc.
" There were also 13 homeowners in attendance (10 lots represented)

Call to order
" Dennis Horazak called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M.

Certify quorum
" Quorum certified: 10 Homeowners/lots + 40 Proxies = 50 (Required quorum is 30% of 140 = 42).

Proof of notice of meeting
" Proof of notice presented.

Approval of minutes of previous annual member meeting
" Jean Thomsin made the motion to accept the minutes of previous annual member meeting of April 22, 2003 as written. The motion was seconded by Ron Wiley and passed unanimously.

" Myron Davis gave Financial Report for 2004 through March 31, 2004. The actual expense versus income shows a variance of -$633 in the first quarter. It was explained that expenses, such as mulch and other maintenance expenses, are not equally distributed throughout the year and that by year end the budgeted expenses would be obtained. The balance sheet shows total assets of $24,217 of which $15,541 is our equity.
" Upon a question of a homeowner, it was explained that the equity of around $15,000 is what we normally have and that it is needed in case of unexpected expenses.
" The Financial Report was accepted as written.

President's Report
Dennis Horazak reviewed the activities and achievements of the last twelve months such as:
" The entrance lights project, which was championed from start to finish by Ron Wiley.
" The finances controlled by Treasurer Myron Davis ensuring that Homeowner's fees could remain the same over the last three years.
" Bill Snook's insight in legal matters has been very helpful during the last year.
" The notes of the BOD meetings, as well as the preparations for the annual meeting and the conversion of the legal documents in electronic format for inclusion in our website by Secretary Jean Thomsin.
" The wealth of community management experience of Vice-President Larry Sheeler has been an ongoing source of help throughout the year.
" Cookie Symons has been very active in ARC and Neighborhood watch and has agreed to continue in those capacities.
" Chip Crane, chair of the ARC, brought a personal touch to the contacts with people in the neighborhood.
" Steve Hartman has been too busy to come to all the meetings, but has provided very useful input by e-mail on various types of matters.
" Tom Bontrager of Penn Management has been an outstanding manager for Cypress Isles.
" All in all the year has been a calm maybe even 'boring' year, which is as it should be.

Election of Directors
" The Ballot Sheets with the 'Summaries of candidate's qualifications & plans' were handed out.
" Since it showed six candidates Dennis Horazak asked for additional candidates from the floor, but there were none. Dennis explained that we should have an odd number of board members with a minimum of three and a maximum of nine.
" Manuel Juarez mentioned that he would be very interested to help in the affairs of the community, but not necessarily as a board member. Therefor he withdrew his candidacy as board member. This reduced the number of candidates to five.
" Bill Snook made the motion to reduce the number of board members from 9 to 5 for the coming year. The motion was seconded by Ron Wiley and passed unanimously.
" Therewith the following 5 candidates were approved by acclamation as the Cypress Isles Board of Directors:

" Lee Blackwell
" Myron Davis
" Dennis Horazak
" Bill Snook
" Ron Wiley

Next Meeting
" The next meeting will be held on June 15th, 2004 at 6:30 PM at the Public Library.

Open Forum
" A homeowner asked if a fountain in our two ponds had ever been considered. Tom Bontrager mentioned that this was probably too costly at an estimated cost of $12K - $15K. The homeowners agreed.
" Jean Thomsin mentioned that it would be worthwhile to think of asking for a grant from the County as other neighborhoods have done. Myron Davis and Lee Blackwell volunteered to start the process. Tom Bontrager will pass along applications and phone numbers.
" A Homeowner made the suggestion to close off the roads to Barrington and Bradfordt Lakes. Tom Bontrager mentioned that this would have to be petitioned to the Orange County Engineering department. As an alternative speed bumps were suggested. These would also require Orange County approval and installation.
" It was mentioned that the use of an off-duty policeman to check speeders on Spring Island Way was money well spent.
" Lee Blackwell enquired if we had increased the insurance to higher than $50,000 to cover possible damage to the entrance columns. Myron Davis will look into this.
" Manuel Juarez will work on an ongoing project list. Dennis Horazak will supply the existing ideas.

" Motion to adjourn made by Jean Thomsin. Seconded by Bill Snook, Meeting adjourned at 8:08 p.m.


Submitted by: Approved by:
Jean Thomsin
Secretary of the (old) Board
Board of Directors