Board of Directors Meeting
Location: Connect Realty, 11555 Lake Underhill Road
May 19, 2009

1. Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 7:25 P.M.

2. Certify Quorum – The board members present were John Tenney, Ron Wiley, Myron Davis, Dennis
Horazak, Harold Engold, Cookie Symons and Bob Hopper. Also present were Neighborhood Watch
Coordinator Sandy Horazak, Manager Judith Meldrum and 4 homeowners

3. Proof of Notice: Proof of notice was given.

4. Adoption of Agenda: Ron Wiley made a motion to approve the agenda. John Tenney seconded the
motion and the motion was carried.

5. Approval of Minutes: Ron Wiley made a motion to accept the minutes as is. Cookie Symons
seconded the motion and the motion was carried.

6. Election of Officers

A. President: John Tenney nominated Ron Wiley for President. Dennis Horazak seconded the
motion and the motion was carried.
B. Vice President: Harold Engold nominated John Tenney for Vice President. Cookie Symons
seconded the motion and the motion was carried.
C. Secretary: Cookie Symons nominated Dennis Horazak for Secretary. Harold Engold seconded
the motion and the motion was carried.
D. Treasurer: Dennis Horazak nominated Myron Davis for treasurer. Cookie Symons seconded the
motion and the motion was carried.

7. Bank signature cards: No action required at this time.

8. Committee Appointments: Bob Hopper made a motion to keep the current committee appointees in
place. Cookie Symons seconded the motion and the motion was carried.

a. Architectural Review Committee: Cookie Symons and Harold Engold.
b. Grounds Maintenance Committee: Ron Wiley
c. COPS Committee: Harold Engold - Chair
d. Neighborhood Watch: Sandy Horazak
e. Newsletter: Sandy Horazak
d. Web Site: Dennis Bode

9. Report of the Association Manager: The manager’s report was accepted as is.

10. Unfinished Business:

a. Collection Policy: The amended collection policy between management and Cypress Isles was
approved. Attachment A shows the language of the policy.

11. New Business:

a. ARC Committee: Harold Engold reported that from 5-1-08 to 5-19-09 there were 14 ARC
applications approved. All ARC meetings were given proper notice with postings at the WLCA
office, and copies of minutes from those meetings are on file with the Secretary. Harold requested
CI BOD mtg 5-19-09-appr.doc 2
that the manager call 1 week in advance to set a date for the community inspection. Ron will
distribute a schedule of coming community inspections.
b. COPS Committee: Harold Engold reported that he had patrolled Cypress Isles as well as other
communities in Waterford Lakes, driving 51 miles over 7-1/2 hours during April. He also completed
19 hours of training and represented the COPS program at two special events. As of today, the
Orange County Sheriff’s department will no longer take paper applications for volunteer positions.
Applicants should go to OSCO.COM (not GOV), scroll down to the bottom, select “volunteer
opportunities at the Sheriff’s Office,” from the drop-down menu, click on “Go,” then follow
c. Next Meeting: The next board meeting will be July 21, 2009.

12. Adjournment – Dennis Horazak moved for adjournment, Cookie Symons seconded the motion, and
the meeting was adjourned at 8:11P.M.
Submitted by: _________________________ Approved by: __________________

Attachment A - Standard Collection Program For Cypress Isles
The cornerstone of an effective collection process is an administrative resolution setting forth the
Association Policy on collection of delinquent assessments. The resolution outlined below has been
enacted by the Board. It is the guideline used by the management company to take action on all
delinquent accounts.

Part A

1. Assessments are due on the first day of the quarter, and are considered late after 30 days.
a. According to your association’s Declarations or Bylaws a late fee of $0.00 will be charged
N/A days after the due date. Interest will also accrue at 18% per annum 30 days after the due
2. A late letter will be sent after 10 days, when the owner is more than $5.00 in arrears.
3. An Intent to Lien letter will be sent 20 days after the late notice if the homeowner is more than $5.00
in arrears. This letter has a charge of $100.00 to the homeowner.
a. If the owner has a balance of less than $N/A a monthly reminder notice will continue to be
b. A Final Notice will be sent after the Intent to Lien letter if the homeowner makes only partial
does not make full payment.
4. After management has sent the letters, the Board will decide whether delinquent owners will be sent
to legal counsel if the account is more than $N/A in arrears.
a. If an owner is less than $N/A in arrears they will continue to be sent monthly reminder
Initial to adopt Part A_______________

Standard Collection Program
Cypress Isles

Part B

CMP shall not send notices to homeowners in arrears if the amount consists of only interest and
late fees. The Board will decide whether to write off small balances at its first meeting of each year.
Initial to adopt Part B_______________

Part C

CMP offers a payment plan for homeowners who are having a difficult time getting caught up on their
accounts. The plan offers homeowners the option to pay one-half of the balance including late fees and
interest, followed by three equal monthly payments of the outstanding balance. The homeowner must
also keep caught up on any new assessments. The Board will decide whether to authorize this
payment plan on a case-by-case basis, including remedial action should the homeowner default on
the payment plan.
CI BOD mtg 5-19-09-appr.doc 4
Initial to adopt Part C_______________