Cypress Isles
Board of Directors Meeting
July 15, 2003 6:30 p.m.
Orange County Library - Alafaya Branch, 12000 Colonial drive


Board members and homeowners present:
Chip Crane, Myron Davis, Steve Hartman, Dennis Horazak, Bill Snook, Cookie Symons, Jean Thomsin and Ron Wiley.
In addition there were 2 homeowners present.

1. Call to Order
President Dennis Horazak called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.

2. Certify Quorum
8 of the 9 board members present. Quorum established.

3. Proof of Notice
Proof of Notice was given.

4. Approval of minutes from previous meeting(s)
The minutes of the May 20, 2003 meeting as well as the Organizational Board Meeting of April 22, 2003, were approved as submitted.

5. Financial Report

A. May 2003 financials: Myron Davis discussed the Income/Expenses Statement for May. We have a positive net income of $881, which raises our equity to $18,305 at the end of May.

B. Collections status (as of June 30, 2003): We are in fairly good shape with our homeowner collections. Three homeowners are late with more than one quarterly payment. Several "Intent to Lien letters" (ITL) have been sent on 5/1/03. They will be contacted by Myron Davis and Steve Hartman after 30 days. Myron mentioned that the homeowners who receive such a letter (after being late 30 days) are really miffed. It was suggested that in the future we try to talk to them first (after 30 days) and if that does not help send an ITL 15 days (after 45 days total).
Lot 27: The lawn is in terrible shape and it has been practically impossible to make contact with the homeowner thus far. Chip and Myron will try to make contact again, but if this fails we continue with the legal process of placing a lien on the property starting August 1, 2003. Tom Bontrager mentioned that our cost exposure for this is $210.00. Ron Wiley made the motion to continue the legal process as discussed, seconded by Steve Hartman and accepted unanimously.
Lot 92: The homeowner sent a letter to the Board claiming that they are relatively new and was never told that two types of quarterly fees are involved. She objects to the fees of $30 caused by late payments. Steve will contact the homeowner again.
Lot 99: Homeowner sent payment for Cypress Isles to Don Asher by mistake. Chip made the motion that he will visit the homeowner and suggest she pays Cypress Isles directly, including late fees. Jean seconded the motion which was accepted unanimously.

6. Committee Reports

A. ARC and Violation report: Tom Bontrager and Chip Crane did drive-around and 2 doorknockers were handed out for bad lawns on 744 SIW and 507 DC. The request for storm shutters has been approved by the Master with the proviso that the Neighborhood (Cypress Isles) will develop guidelines for their use. However, the CI-ARC has not been informed of this. Chip will try to ensure that in the future an approval letter to the homeowner will be copied to the CI-ARC. Dennis Horazak will forward to the CI-ARC proposed guidelines for shutters from another Homeowners Association.
A new request for a plaything in the backyard has been approved. However, Cookie was uncertain if the structure would be placed the required 5 feet from the back lot line.

B. Neighborhood Watch report: Cookie Symons mentioned that it has been quiet in the neighborhood. The only issue has been loud music in the daytime. We do not know if Orange County has a daytime noise ordinance. Another issue is two loose dogs from a homeowner on Cedar Court, which cause a problem for neighbors. Chip will talk to the dog owner and Steve will check if he can find "lease laws" on the OC website. Cookie mentioned that she had issued two 'welcome packages' to new homeowners. Jean will issue a welcome package when his new neighbor arrives (lot 140).

C. Entrance lighting: Ron Wiley reported that a monthly 'service charge' of $10.45 (iso $8.00) per meter would be charged by Progress Energy. Moreover an extra 'set-up' fee for installation of the 4 meters had been charged. Although somewhat disappointing, the project will be still within the allotment of $5,500. Ron will write a progress report for the newsletter (deadline August 15) including the reason to do the front lights before the back lights.

D. Entrance signs & background: Chip Crane showed his own rendition of a golden (Y) on a black background, which looked very attractive. If we can skip the 3-D effect of the present lettering, which causes a lot of problems, a simple wash and buff of Chip's proposed lettering would be a low maintenance/cost way to go. It was agreed that Ron Wiley sets up a first 'entrance walls, columns & signs committee' meeting in a while from now (low priority) and discusses alternatives including costs and recommend a chosen alternative and time frame. The committee members are: Ron Wiley (chair), Myron Davis, Ramona Ramos and Cookie Symons.

F. Entrance walls & columns:
Cookie Symons mentioned that see had seen attractive domes on the Andover Lakes entrance walls located on Curry Ford Extension. The entrance walls are within walking distance from the new Albertson's shopping just opened. This would be the left side of the road heading towards 417 from Waterford Lakes. Other Board Members can take a look as well.

H. Entrance plants: Jean Thomsin mentioned that the 30 Indian Hawthorns we planted are growing well. The longer term plan to replace Indian Hawthorns as well as the Wax Myrtles still has to be developed by Jean Thomsin and Myron Davis and will be ready before the next budget discussions later this year.

I. Sewer upgrade: The project is practically complete. Homeowners who have issues with the finishing touches as left by Schuller Construction, the contractor for Orange County, can contact Schuller directly at 407-855-5572 (press 0-zero for the operator for further assistance). The Board understands that Orange County's plan is to resurface all of Cypress Isles approximately 6 months after completion of the under-drains.

J. Newsletter: Dennis Horazak mentioned that copy for the next newsletter should be in Sandy's hands by August 15th.

7. Old Business

A. Formation of Bylaws Committee: Jean Thomsin reported that he had done some pre-work by putting the two existing documents for the Waterford Lakes Tract N-25A Neighborhood Association, Inc. (Cypress Isles), as well as the 'By-Laws' of Waterford Lakes Community Association, Inc. (the Master Association) in electronic format for easy accessibility and sharing. The existing Cypress Isles documents are: 'Articles of Incorporation' and 'Declaration of Neighborhood Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions'.
Tom Bontrager mentioned that in his files he has found 'By-Laws' of Waterford Lakes Tract N-25A Neighborhood Association, Inc. (Cypress Isles), which are dated March 9, 1994, but were apparently never recorded. Tom will hand Jean a copy ASAP for use by the Bylaws Committee. Jean will schedule a meeting of the Bylaws Committee next month. Committee members are: Dennis Horazak, Matt and Ramona Ramos, Bill Snook, Jean Thomsin (chair) and Ron Wiley.

B. Festival 2003: There has not been any response on the call for volunteers in the newsletter. Ron Wiley knows several people who seem to have some interest and he will try to find a chair person. The tentative date for the event was set at mid-November.

C. Longer Term Planning: There has been no response on the call for volunteers in the newsletter. The idea is that in stead of work only on the ongoing issues, we think of the neighborhood's needs over the longer term. Dennis Horazak will put forward some ideas and their priorities in an e-mail shortly. In the meantime Jean Thomsin will work on a longer range plan for upgrades/replacements for the entrance plants.

8. New Business

A. May 19th and June 30th WLCA Board meeting report: Dennis Horazak attended both meetings and reported that these meetings are very productive now.

B. Mowing of pond in back of Crystal River Drive: Bill Snook has been approached by a homeowner with the question why the contractor has stopped mowing around the pond weekly. Tom Bontrager will discuss this with the contractor.

C. Pothole in Spring Island Way: It seems that the hole grows daily. Tom Bontrager will contact Orange County.

D. Noisy rental property including trash behind trailer: Ron Wiley mentioned that the house with renters in his cul-de-sac causes still a lot of noise problems. Moreover there is a build up of trash behind a trailer. The ARC (Chip Crane, et. al.) will look into this issue. It was agreed that Tom Bontrager will write another letter to the owner and that Ron will take some pictures of the trash to use in correspondence with the owner and the renters.

9. Open Forum
No issues were brought up by the two homeowners in attendance.

10. Schedule next meeting
Therefore the next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 16 at 6:30 p.m. Since Jean will not be present at that meeting Tom Bontrager offered to write the minutes.

11. Adjournment
Jean Thomsin made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Ron Wiley. The meeting was adjourned at 8:48 p.m.

___________________ _______________________
Notes submitted by Board of Directors
Jean Thomsin
Secretary of the Board