Cypress Isles
Board of Directors Meeting
July 20, 2004
Orange County Public Library, Alafaya Branch
12000 Colonial Drive

Board members and homeowners present:
Dennis Horazak, Ron Wiley, Bill Snook, Myron Davis, Lee Blackwell
3 homeowners were present

1. Call to Order
President Dennis Horazak called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm

2. Certify Quorum
5 of 5 Board members were present, thus establishing a quorum

3. Proof of Notice
Proof of notice was given

4. Approval of minutes
Minutes of the March 16, 2004 Board meeting were presented and unanimously approved by the Board; Minutes of the May 18, 2004 Organizational meeting were presented and unanimously approved by the Board; Minutes of the June 15, 2004 Board meeting were presented and unanimously approved by the Board.

5. Remarks by the President
President Dennis Horazak presented a set of guidelines for conducting Board meetings. A written copy of his remarks is attached for the record as an appendix to the minutes. A brief summary of the new Florida HOA laws was also provided.

6. Financial report
a. June 2004 financial report was provided by the treasurer.
b. Collection status - Lot 027 is paid in full through the 4th quarter 2004. Lot 114 owner has contacted the lawyer, based on an action from the last Board, a title report on this lot was obtained and provided to the Board members. A motion was made by Dennis Horazak and seconded by Ron Wiley to allow the WLCA to piggy back on the foreclosure process; unanimously passed. Based on the lawyer's recommendation to not include the IRS (tax lien on lot 114) in the foreclosure process, motion was made by Dennis Horazak and seconded by Ron Wiley to accept the recommendation, unanimously passed. The Board members will review the entire delinquency report prior to the next meeting and determine the need to write off balances less than $1.00. A motion was made by Dennis Horazak and seconded by Lee Blackwell to write off all balances less than $1.00 following the review. The validity of the late fee assessed on lot 132 was discussed. A motion was made by Lee Blackwell was made to waive the late fee. Discussion ensued to stay with the defined process of the homeowner submitting written notification of late fee dispute by the homeowner.

7. Property Manager Report
The Property Manager provided an additional summary of the Florida HOA law changes. A discussion of contracts was conducted. Lee Blackwell requested a current copy of all contracts for review. Dennis Horazak volunteered to provide Board members with copies of all five contracts prior to the next Board meeting. With regard to the pond maintenance, documented evidence was provided as to the lack of performance of the contractor and their failure to comply with the terms of the contract. A motion was made by Lee Blackwell and seconded by Bill Snook to obtain a written response from the contractor as to not meeting their contractual requirements. The front entrance/lot 1 erosion project and bid was discussed. Lee Blackwell will investigate and photograph the situation in an attempt to determine where the responsibility lies for repair costs. Incidental to this is the bid to replace several wax myrtles at the front entrance. Lee Blackwell also mentioned the need to replace trees and hedges at the back entrance.

8. Committee Reports
a. ARC - A drive through by the Property Manager is scheduled for July 21, 2004. Manny Juarez is preparing an ARC manual to standardize the process. Lot 123 is making the addition of a cabana, Manny Juarez will determine if an ARC form was submitted and approved for this project. A final violation letter was sent to lot 027 due to the condition of the yard, options for next action were discussed. A motion by Bill Snook and seconded by Lee Blackwell was made to follow the documents (section F of Article IX) and consider fixing the yard at the expense of the homeowner, unanimously passed. The Property Manager will prepare a letter to this end and provide to Dennis Horazak for review. The condition of the entrances was discussed and Bill Snook will prepare a draft letter for neighborhood distribution to establish a committee of homeowners to prepare a recommendation and costs to redo the entrances. Dennis Horazak will review the draft letter. Myron Davis is following up on the neighborhood grant program.
b. Neighborhood watch - some minor vandalism note in the neighborhood.
c. Website migration - Domain name and hosting service were discussed. A motion was made by Lee Blackwell and seconded by Bill Snook to pay approximately $82.67 for a domain name ($44.00 for a five year period) and a monthly hosting fee of $3.95 for one year, unanimously passed. Dennis Bode will continue to maintain the web site.
d. Newsletter - Next issue in August.

9. Old Business - Discussed in the other areas of the agenda

10. New Business - Dennis Horazak presented procedures to standardized Board
processes for review. A motion was made by Dennis Horazak and seconded by Ron Wiley to table discussion on this topic until the next Board meeting so that all Board members had an opportunity to review the procedures, unanimously passed.

11. The next meeting will be August 17, 2004

12. Adjournment - Motion to adjourn by Lee Blackwell and seconded by Dennis
Horazak, unanimously passed. The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm






_______________________ ________________________
Minutes submitted by Board of Directors
William Snook
Secretary of the Board




President's introductory Remarks

July 1, 2004 marks the beginning of a new chapter for homeowner associations. Effective July 1, the State of Florida has specified new rules for homeowner associations, based on recommendations by the Homeowner Association Task Force commissioned by Governor Jeb Bush in 2003, with other provisions provided by the state legislature. The law places new restrictions on the authority of neighborhood developers and associations, and allows homeowners a greater voice in the governance of their neighborhoods.
In my opinion, this new law is a step in the right direction of more participation by homeowners, more accountability by associations, and better overall relations within neighborhoods. Personally, I am pleased to embrace this new direction, consistent with Florida State statutes.
During New Business, I will introduce formal proposals concerning the conduct of meetings and the improved transparency of business dealings by the Association. For now, I would like to set the tone for this meeting by announcing these rules of conduct.
1. Since homeowner participation is now an integral part of regular meetings, Open Forum will be discontinued;
2. Any Board member or homeowner may speak during a meeting after first being recognized by the Chair (presiding Board member);
3. No Board member or homeowner may speak for more than three minutes at a time on any one point. If a topic is being debated, speakers on opposite sides of the issue will alternate speaking for 3 minutes at a time;
(Refer to 3-minute timer)
4. Discussions and decisions during a meeting are limited to the items on the agenda that is approved at the start of the meeting. New topics introduced during a meeting will be assigned to agendas for future meetings;
5. No personal attacks of any kind will be allowed by anyone, Board member or homeowner, during meetings. Persons issuing personal attacks may forfeit their right to complete their statements; and
6. No person may interrupt the person who is speaking, except that the Chair may interrupt to maintain order.
These rules are designed to ensure that we conduct our meetings fairly, openly, and without the kinds of distractive behaviors that cause tensions. We owe it to our neighborhood.