August 17, 2004

Location: Winn Dixie Supermarket, 12500 Lake Underhill Rd., Orlando, Florida

Members present: Dennis Horazak, Ron Wiley and Lee Blackwell.
Also in attendance: Larry Skinner of Boyle Management, Inc. and three homeowners.

certified, 3 of 5 members present. Meeting called to order: 6:45 p.m. Proof of notice presented. Motion by D. Horazak to approve minutes of July 20th meeting as submitted. Second by R. Wiley. Unanimous approval. Agenda approved. Motion by L. Blackwell. Second By R. Wiley.

Financial report for July 2004 presented by L. Skinner. Update on collection status. R. Wiley will talk with the owners of Lots 013 and 015 regarding late payments. Question on legal basis for $5 and $25.00 fees charged for past due notices, which may exceed reimbursement of collection costs. Motion by L. Blackwell to write off balances less than $1.00 as of 12/31/04. Second by R. Wiley and passed. October 19th meeting main item to be budget for 2005. Financial report accepted as presented.

Property Management Report
A. Lot 5 Status- Management to contact for a plan for the next 30 days.
B. Lot 27 Status-L. Blackwell to contact owner and landscaping contractor and work out plan.
C. Landscaping Contract Status-To be finalized and to include clean up of entrance. L. Blackwell presented letter to management asking them to take action to clean up the two entrances.

Committee Reports
A. Lot 1 erosion project completed by homeowner. HOA will remove wax myrtles behind wall and replace with sod.
B. Violation report reviewed.

Unfinished Business
A. Motion by D. Horazak to formalize Rules of Order for Meeting. -Seconded, amended by R. Wiley, and approved.
B. Motion by D. Horazak to document ARC Procedures. Seconded and approved.
C. Motion by D. Horazak to document Collection Procedures. Seconded and approved.
D. Motion by D. Horazak to document Competitive Bids- Seconded and approved.

New Business
A. Discussion on Entrance Refurbishment Committee. Committee to be formed at the September 21st meeting.

Next meeting will be September 21, 2004.

Motion to adjourn made by D. Horazak. Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p. m.


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Boyle Management, Inc. Board of Directors