September 16, 2003


Location: Orange County Public Library, 12000 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida 32826.
Members present: Dennis Horazak, Larry Sheeler, Myron Davis, Chip Crane, Bill Snook and Ron Wiley.
Also in attendance: Tom Bontrager of Penn First Management, Inc. and three homeowners.
Quorum certified, 6 of 9 members present. Meeting called to order: 6:36 p.m. Proof of notice presented. Motion by B. Snook to approve minutes as submitted. Second by R. Wiley. Unanimous approval.

Financial report for August 2003 presented by M. Davis. Update on collection status. Lot 1 has not paid. Discussion on placing a lien. M. Davis will contact lot 1. Lien was placed on lot 27 and no payments have been received. Motion by L. Sheeler to send final demand letter. Second by C. Crane. Unanimous approval. Lot 70 has been sold and new owners have been sent new coupons. Lot 81 has been sent intent to lien letter and no payments have been received. M. Davis will contact owner. Discussion on lot 92. Lot 92 owes late fees. Management asked to check and see if owner paid the $10.00. M. Davis will also contact lot 92. Lot 137 has been sent intent to lien letter and no payments received. M. Davis will contact lot 137. Discussion on collection procedures. Board unanimously agreed to send lots 1, 81 and 137 to the attorney for lien if no payments are received by October 20, 2003. 2003 audit/tax return proposal from Joe Michalak, CPA presented. Motion by R. Wiley to accept Joe Michalak proposal for 2003 audit/tax return and cost not to exceed $700.00. Second by M. Davis. Unanimous approval. Financial report accepted as presented.

Committee Reports
ARC and Violation Report

ARC and violation report presented by C. Crane. Nine homes are on violation list and in various stages of enforcement. One new Architectural Review application was approved for painting of a home. Yard of the Month was not awarded due to Yard of the Month sign needing work. C. Crane will make repairs to sign

Neighborhood Watch Report
Neighborhood Watch: No new information presented. Discussion on having Block Captains meet.

Entrance Lighting Report
Entrance lighting presented by R. Wiley. Four small lights were erected at back entrance, but were vandalized. R. Wiley will repair and make adjustments to lights. No new material will need to be purchased for repairs and adjustments.

Entrance Maintenance and Upgrade Report
One of the homeowners present asked to speak, as he needed to leave the meeting. Homeowner said that pond behind his home was not mowed on four different occasions. Homeowner gave dates that the pond was not mowed to Management and Management will contact landscape contractor.

Newsletter Report
Entrance maintenance and upgrade discussed. Back entrance signage needs to be repaired. C. Crane will inspect and make repairs. Discussion on front columns.

By-Laws Committee Report
Newsletter discussed by D. Horazak. Fall newsletter was distributed. Deadline for next newsletter is November 23rd. Discussion on articles and topics for next newsletter. New owners to be announced by address only in newsletter. Discussion on welcome packet and if welcome packet is still being distributed.

By- Laws Committee discussed by D. Horazak. The committee reviewed current by-laws and they appear to have not been recorded. Committee is reviewing by-laws and once they complete their review they will make a presentation to all Board members. Next committee set for October 15, 2003 at 7:00pm.

Old Business
Discussion on Festival 2003. Discussion on combining Christmas lighting contest with Festival and re-naming it the Holiday Festival. Volunteers needed. L. Sheeler said that Claire Sheeler would volunteer if others could be found to volunteer. Discussion on having hot chocolate, cookies and hay ride. Motion by C. Crane to spend up to $500.00 on Holiday Festival. Second by R. Wiley. Discussion on motion. Motion amended to include appointing Claire Sheeler as Chairperson of Holiday Festival. Unanimous approval of motion. Discussion on Holiday lighting contest and Board members judging contest. Item tabled.

New Business
Discussion on 2004 budget process. M. Davis will Chair Budget Committee and next meeting set for September 30th. Discussion on Board workshop meeting prior to end of year to review top ten objectives of the 2003/2004 Board. Discussion on Florida Sunshine law and how workshop would be held. Letter from lot 114 presented and discussed. Homeowner sent a letter stating he was removing himself from the Association. Motion by L. Sheeler to draft a response to owner and Board to review via email. Second by M. Davis. Discussion on motion. Unanimous approval of motion. Discussion on when intent to lien letter is sent to owners. Motion by L. Sheeler to follow the Associations standard collection policy. Second by B. Snook. Discussion on motion. Motion withdrawn by L. Sheeler. Second by B. Snook. The following agenda items were tabled: Late fees on assessments, landscape performance and review of insurance policies.

Open Forum
None discussed.

Motion to adjourn made by L. Sheeler. Second by R. Wiley. Meeting adjourned at 8:43 p. m.

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Penn First Management, Inc. Board of Directors