Cypress Isles
Waterford Lakes Tract N-25A Neighborhood Association, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting
Sep. 18, 2007
Office of Exit Real Estate
11555 Lake Underhill Road


Board members present: Harold Engold, Cookie Symons, John Tenney, Ron Wiley and John Culbertson. Also present were Property Manager Judith Meldrum, Newsletter Editor Sandy Horazak, and 3 homeowners.

1. Call to Order: President Ron Wiley called the meeting to order at 6:35pm.

2. Certify Quorum: Five of the seven Board members were present, thus establishing a quorum.

3. Proof of Notice was given.

4. President's opening remarks: Ron summarized the meeting protocols, and asked for any additions for the agenda. He went on to explain that no personal issues or complaints can be added to the agenda.

5. Approval of Agenda: No items were added to the Agenda. Ron moved to approve the agenda as modified, John Tenney seconded, and the agenda was approved unanimously.

6. Announcements: Sandy Horazak announced that the Cypress Isles website has been updated and now includes pictures of homes.

7. Approval of minutes: After review of July 17, 2007 minutes, Harold made a motion to approve the minutes and Cookie gave a second. Minutes unanimously approved by the Board.

8. Financial Report: Myron Davis was absent so the Board reviewed the Financial Report.

9. Architectural Review Committee: Cookie Symons gave the ARC report.

10. Newsletter: Editor Sandy Horazak presented her findings for reducing the cost of printing and distributing the Newsletter. By using Kinko's to print the newsletter, the cost is $77.53 for regular white paper and black ink. Sandy further stated they would be hand delivered to homeowners. John Tenney said he would pay for the newsletter copying in exchange for putting an ad in. November newsletter will be hand delivered by residents and printed by Kinko's.

11. Neighborhood Watch: John Culbertson reported that there was an annual Neighborhood Watch meeting on Sept. 10 and there was a representative from the Sheriff's office there. John reported that there are 14 block captains and CI had 4 vacancies. There is only 1 vacancy left. John has to get blocks reallocated and is working on that. He also reported on new updated Watch programs from the county and said he will be looking into them.

12. Old Business:
a. Recreational vehicle parking: Ron read Docs regarding parking. Ron proposed a motion to change the Covenants to allow for a time period for before and after parking at homes. Discussion ensued and it was decided that 3 business days before and 3 business days after use would be allowed. If more time was needed, all residents are required to contact either the Property Manager or the Board. Cookie seconded, motion carried.
b. Landscaping Proposals: Ron went over the spreadsheet listing all the proposals and what they offered. Three were selected for final negotiation: Blue Water, Carol King, and Special Touch. The Board will ask for best and final price for services including annuals. The decision will be made at the October Board meeting for budget purposes.
c. Signage cleaning offered by resident of Cypress Isles: After discussion it was decided to not reject the resident's offer to clean the sign but rather to not do the cleaning at this time and revisit for next year.
d. Traffic Committee: John Tenney reported that he had not heard back from the county yet. The traffic light at Waterford Chase has seemed to help with cutting down somewhat on cut through traffic. He also mentioned that there are a lot of tax credit and HUD apartments being built in the area and that this would probably contribute to crime and traffic in CI. John also reported that they are continuing to put pressure on the county for the stop signs and that CI is getting attention regarding their issues.

13. New Business:

14. Motion to adjourn was made by John Tenney, seconded by Cookie, and unanimously approved. Meeting adjourned at 8:39pm.
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