Cypress Isles
Board of Directors Meeting
October 19, 2004
Orange County Public Library, Alafaya Branch
12000 Colonial Drive


Board members and homeowners present:
Dennis Horazak, Ron Wiley, Bill Snook, Myron Davis, Lee Blackwell
4 homeowners were present

1. Call to Order
President Dennis Horazak called the meeting to order at 6:36 pm

2. Certify Quorum
5 of 5 Board members were present, thus establishing a quorum

3. Proof of Notice
Proof of notice was given

4. Approval of minutes
Minutes of the September 21, 2004 Board meeting were presented and unanimously approved by the Board.

5. Approval of agenda
The meeting agenda was presented by the President, Dennis Horazak. Dennis also presented a motion to add the topic of Management company selection to new business and to add the topic of audit contract renewal under the financial sections of the agenda. The motion was seconded by Lee Blackwell and unanimously approved.

6. President's report
The President noted that the OCHAA is conducting a program on covenant enforcement on October 23, the WLCA monthly meeting is scheduled for 7:00 pm Monday, October 25 at Discovery Middle School, and that the ARC and Neighborhood Watch committees are in need of volunteers to serve on those committees.

7. Financial report
a. The September 2004 financial report was provided and discussed by the Treasurer. It was determined that beginning with the new Management Company, the balance sheet item "prior years surplus" will be moved to the "reserves" item.
b. Collection status - The status was provided by the Management Company with focus on Lots 15, 52, and 105. The Board had determined that the Management Company assess late fees to these Lots on a premature basis and as such, a motion was made by Lee Blackwell for the Board to pay the last fees and further, the Treasurer will send a letter to the Management Company for reimbursement of the fees. The motion was seconded by Dennis Horazak and was unanimously approved.
c. Audit contract renewal - Due to a change in the Florida Statutes and consistent with our legal documents, an annual audit is no longer required for our HOA. Lee Blackwell moved that the audit contract not be renewed due to these changes. Bill Snook seconded and it was unanimously approved.

8. Committee Reports
a. ARC - Three ARC requests have been submitted. The ARC interim chairman, Lee Blackwell made a call for volunteers to assist with ARC activities. He also reported that Kirklands was busy working on the entrance landscaping repairs. The Management Company has August and September invoices form Gibsons, they will talk to Gibsons with no intent on paying these invoices. A question from the floor was discussed on the 90 day moratorium on ARC actions due to hurricane damage and the work being done to improve Lot 27.
b. Neighborhood watch - There have been no incidents. With the number of new homeowners, the neighborhood watch block captains need updated listings; Myron Davis will work this with Cookie Symons.

9. Old Business
a. Entrances - The entrance refurbishment committee has been chartered, the committee members and charter are attached. Lee Blackwell will serve as the Board liaison for this committee. The committee will have a recommendation by February 2005 so that it can be presented and voted on at the April Annual Membership meeting.
b. Late fee policy - No further discussion was required.

10. New Business
a. Budget -Work on next years budget was completed and a 2005 budget presented showing a quarterly assessment increase to $39.00. Dennis Horazak moved to approve the budget, second by Lee Blackwell, and unanimously approved. The 2005 budget is attached.
b. Orange County RENEW Grant - Lee Blackwell will obtain an application for the 2005 grant by next Board meeting; application is due by March 31, 2005.
c. Management Company - Bids were received and reviewed for award of a management contract. Seven bids were received and evaluated on the basis of cost, performance and services and a winning bid was announced. A motion was made by Dennis Horazak to send a 30 day contract termination letter to Boyle Management by November 1, 2004 and to enter into a contract with Community Management Professionals by December 1, 2004. This was seconded by Bill Snook and unanimously approved.

11. The next meeting will be December 8, 2004 at the Public Library.

12. Adjournment - Motion to adjourn by Lee Blackwell and seconded by Dennis Horazak, unanimously passed. The meeting was adjourned at 8:22 pm



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Minutes submitted by Board of Directors
William Snook
Secretary of the Board