Board of Directors Meeting
November 14, 2006
Exit Real Estate
11555 Lake Underhill Road


Board members present: Myron Davis, Harold Engold, Dennis Horazak, John Will Tenney, and Ron Wiley. Lee Blackwell, and Mike Kranz were absent. Newsletter Editor Sandy Horazak was also present along with Blaine Bartosavage representing WLCA.
One homeowner (Steve Hartman, Lot #94) was also present.

1. Call to Order: President Ron Wiley called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm.

2. Certify Quorum: Five of the seven Board members were present, thus establishing a quorum

3. Proof of Notice was given.

4. Opening remarks:

o Ron noted that all present knew the protocol for the meeting.
o Ron distributed copies of the agenda for the November 20th WLCA Board meeting along with their proposed 2007 budget, which they expect to approve at that meeting.

5. Two items were added to the agenda, and a motion to approve the revised agenda was made by Dennis Horazak and seconded by John Tenney.

6. Approval of minutes: After review of 9-19-2006 minutes, Harold Engold made a motion to approve and Dennis gave a second. Minutes unanimously approved by the Board.

7. Financial report

o Treasurer Myron Davis gave the Financial Report.
o Outstanding bills to be paid from 2006 budget were reviewed. Motion to approve the $200+ bill for annuals was made by Ron, seconded by Dennis, and approved unanimously. Motion to withhold payment of the $300 electric repair bill until more details are received and the charges are possibly negotiated was made by Harold, seconded by John, and approved unanimously. Blaine mentioned that a typical electrician would charge about $150-180 for labor for a similar job. By prior arrangement, four $25 gift certificates to residents who supplied water for power washing the entrances will be reimbursed when our cash balance is larger.
o Ron and Myron took temporary custody of the seven boxes of records in storage. They plan to reduce the stored records to about three boxes, which can then be stored for less than half of the current storage charge.
o To help reduce printing costs, Board members will print their own copies of agendas, minutes, and financial reports from the emails sent to them by Community Management professionals.
o Waterford Lakes Community Association ("Master") has honored their promissory note for the amount owed to the association for lot 114.

8. Committee Reports

o Architectural Review: No ARC applications were submitted. Harold and outgoing property manager Rex Bowman conducted a neighborhood inspection in early October, but statistics on new and existing violations were not available. John Tenney and incoming property manager Sue Bires are expected to conduct the December inspection.
o Neighborhood Watch: John Tenney reported that block captains are still needed. After a discussion of the odd layouts of Blocks 1 and 5, it was determined that Coordinator John has the authority to reconfigure those Bocks as needed. Block 8 captain Sandy Horazak reported one car theft and one attempted car break-in since the September meeting. Blain volunteered that 58 break-ins have occurred in Waterford Lakes in the last month - an average of 2.3 per neighborhood - and that it is important to report every incident to the Sheriff's Department to ensure awareness by law enforcement. John requested that the 1500-yard-long school zone currently on Woodbury be reduced to the standard 100-yard length. A traffic light will be installed at Lake Underhill and Waterford Chase Parkway within the next three weeks. The off-duty Sheriff's Deputy patrol was reduced to 2 hours per month for October, November and December to help contain expenses for 2006, but will be restored to its full allocation of 4 hours per month in 2007.
o Newsletter: Editor Sandy Horazak confirmed that the deadline for the November issue was November 1st, and the deadline for the February issue will be February 1st. Ron will get confirmations from Lee and Myron regarding their contributions toward printing or postage expenses. Advertising from Cypress Isles residents will be encouraged, provided that the advertiser also contributes either cash or useful articles.

9. Unfinished Business:

o Recommended language change for violation letters was tabled until Lee and Mike could present them.
o Blaine led a lengthy discussion of conservations areas. Cypress Isles and Bradfordt Lakes are two of the few neighborhoods that own conservation-like tracts. The St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) can prosecute trespassers in areas designated Conservation Areas, but has no jurisdiction over areas designated as Open Spaces. A motion to form a committee to address changing all Open Spaces that border Cypress Isles to Conservation Area designations was made by Ron, seconded by John, and approved unanimously. The initial committee includes Ron (Chair), John, and Myron. The costs of "No Trespassing" signs of the same type as WLCA has posted is between $8.00 and $16.00 per sign without a pole. Based on this the board decided to forgo the purchase of signs at this time. Ron Wiley offered to purchase a number of less expensive signs and post them on trees so that the police can take action if called for regarding any incident in the conservation / open areas. In addition a homeowner asked when a tree house that had been erected behind him in the open space was going to be dismantled. It was agreed by the board that this would be done as soon as the area was dry enough to enter. Homeowner Steve Hartman offered to help with the process. Ron Wiley agreed to get with Steve Hartman over the next few weeks to complete the dismantling process and post the No Trespassing signs.

10. New Business

o Ron secured a copy of our insurance policy from agent Patti Weightman of Nationwide Insurance. John noted that any property and casualty insurer could bid on our insurance, although the policy we have might still be the best one. John also noted that the actual premium is about $600 lower than the estimated premium that we paid, and we could ask Nationwide to refund the excess amount, or we could wait until it is adjusted at the end of the contract year. Dennis will check the WLCA and Cypress Isles legal documents for dollar-amount requirements for directors liability insurance.
o The property management contract with Community Management Professionals has been renewed for one year. Property Manager Rex Bowman has taken another position within Community Management Professionals, and our new property manager is Sue Bires. Sue had a schedule conflict tonight, but plans to attend the January Board meeting.
o Holiday lighting contest judging will take place on Sunday evening, 12-17-06. Volunteer judges are Dennis (chair), Harold, Ron, and John.

11. The next meeting will be January 16, 2007.

12. Motion to adjourn was made by Ron, seconded by John, and unanimously approved. Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.

Minutes submitted by
Dennis Horazak, Vice-president