Board of Directors Meeting
Location: Connect Real Estate, 11555 Lake Underhill Road
November 18, 2008

1. Call to Order - The meeting was called to order at 6:30 P.M.

2. Certify Quorum - The board members present were John Tenney, Ron Wiley, Myron Davis, Harold Engold, Cookie Symons, Bob Hopper and Dennis Horazak. A quorum was present. Also present were Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, Sandy Horazak, Manager Judith Meldrum, and homeowner Gail Strachan.

3. Proof of Notice: Proof of notice was given.

4. Adoption of Agenda: Five corrections were made to the agenda: Under 7. A. add 1.- County violations; under committee reports remove E -- Newsletter; add 9 B. - Management company discussion; add 10. A -- moving board meetings to the second Tuesday of the month; and add 10 B. --Fisher Law Firm Proposal. Dennis Horazak made a motion to approve the agenda with changes. Cookie Symons seconded the motion and the motion was carried.

5. Approval of September 16, 2008Minutes: Ron Wiley made a motion to accept the September 16, 2008 minutes as is. Bob Hopper seconded the motion and the motion was carried.

6. Reports of Officers

A. Treasurer's Report: Myron Davis went over the October financial report and the HOA is under budget so far year to date. The October financials were accepted.

7. Reports of Committees

A. Architectural Review Committee: Harold Engold reported that there were 3 ARC applications approved and 1 pending.
1. County violations: The board unanimously agreed to not list on the monthly report or send letters to members for County ordinance violations because they are not part of our covenants.
B. Grounds Maintenance Committee: Ron Wiley reported that the last of the yearly mulch was installed as well as the annuals. Ron also reported that he had reset the timer for the entrance lights so they go off at around 3:30 A.M. to save on electric costs. Judith will ask Lake Masters to contact Ron about vegetative blockage in the duct connecting the retention pond between Crystal River and Divine Circle and the larger pond between Cypress Isles and Bradfordt Lakes. (WLCA Pond 16).
C. COPS Committee: Chair Harold Engold reported that there were 3 people in training from the community and that a car has been assigned to Cypress Isles for patrolling. He also reported that other members still have applications and that other neighborhoods might join Cypress Isles to patrol larger areas. Harold will attend the quarterly coordinators meeting this Saturday.
John Tenney reported that the East Orange Homeowners Advisory wants to work with Cypress Isles and Avalon Park and use our programs as models for surrounding communities in forming Neighborhood Watch and COPS programs.
D. Neighborhood Watch: Sandy Horazak reported no new incidents since August.

8. Report of the Association Manager: Community manager Judith Meldrum read her report.


9. Unfinished Business

A. Proposed amendments to comply with Florida Statutes: The Board consulted with our attorney and decided that no action is needed at this time.
B. Management Company Discussions: Ron Wiley moved to schedule interviews with four management companies - Community Management Professionals, Community Management Specialists, Pinnacle, and House of Management Enterprises - with the interviews to be conducted by Treasurer Davis and two other board members, to be held within three weeks of November 18th; and to notify the remaining board members about the advantages and disadvantages of each company prior to the January board meeting, at which time the board will select its management company. Myron Davis seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.

10. New Business

A. Second Tuesday Meetings: Harold Engold moved to schedule future board meetings on the second Tuesday of the month. Cookie Symons seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously. The next meeting will be on Tuesday January 13, 2009.
B. Fisher Collection Proposal: Harold Engold moved to accept the proposal from Fisher, Rushmer, Werrenrath, Dickson, Talley, and Dunlap, P.A. to represent Cypress Isles for collection services. Ron Wiley seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.
C. Bimonthly Neighborhood Inspections: Harold Engold made a motion that starting in January 2009, the ARC will inspect our neighborhood every other month instead of every month, and evaluate the results at the end of 2009. Dennis Horazak seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.

11. Adjournment - Cookie Symons moved for adjournment, Myron Davis seconded the motion, and the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 P.M.


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