August 21, 2001 6:30 P.M.
Orange County Library - Alafaya branch, 12000 Colonial Drive

Members present: Lee Blackwell, Steve Hartman, Jean Thomsin, Myron Davis, Larry Sheeler, and Cookie Symons (quorum established). Neil Thomas, Property Manager from Penn First was also present. In addition there were four homeowners present.

President Blackwell called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m. Proof of Notice was given.

The minutes from the July 17, 2001 were reviewed and approved as submitted.

Financial Report
Myron Davis presented the Income/Expense Statement and Balance Sheet for the period ending 7/31/01. The Board also reviewed of the Delinquency Report. A motion to have the attorney do title work on Account # 035 was made by Larry. Seconded by Steve. The motion passed unanimously. A motion to write off all balances below one dollar on the Delinquency Report was made by Larry. Seconded by Jean. Discussion followed. Vote was Larry and Jean in Favor, Cookie, Steve, Myron, and Lee against. Motion defeated.

Committee Reports
Neighborhood Watch
- Cookie reported that during one of the last storms, power surges had set off a few house alarms. One for a 1-1/2 day period. One owner that was came home to find the garage door open and foot prints on the carpeting inside the house. A power surge had evidently caused the garage door opener to malfunction, and the entry door inside the garage was unlocked.

Street Trees - Jean Thomsin presented his research on the most suitable trees to replace the Drake Elms that have been lost. There was a lengthy discussion regarding the six trees that were listed. A motion to limit the recommended list to five trees, eliminating the Eastern Redbud was made by Lee. Seconded by Cookie. The motion passed unanimously. A motion was made to adopt the guidelines in the amended Street Trees list for Cypress Isles. Letters of
explanation to be sent to all owners that have lost Street Trees. The letter to request that trees be replaced within 90 a day period. Motion made by Lee, seconded by Jean and passed unanimously.

ARC - It was reported that only one request had come in since the last meeting. It was approved for repainting.

Hat's Off - Chip Crane presented a proposal to establish a program to recognize individual owners for doing a good job in response to maintenance requests for their properties. A motion to establish the "Hats Off" program, with the letter coming from the Board of Directors, ARC, and your neighbors was made by Lee. Seconded by Cookie. Motion passed unanimously.

Newsletter - Denny handed out a list of scheduled deadlines for the remainder of the year. There was some discussion over sending additional copies of the newsletter to other Boards in Waterford Lakes.

Old Business
There was a discussion of the maintenance contracts for the lakes, landscape, and lawn pest control. Neil informed the Board that all of the contracts
renew at year's end.

It was mentioned that the software to track the ARC violations will create recap sheets for the Board to review when the system is fully on line.

The Annuals for the front entrance are in, but planting is on hold for a day or two, due to the irrigation system being down.

Drainage was discussed. County says everything is OK as far as they are concerned. Still waiting for the engineer's response.

New Business
Budget discussion. Need to bring all ideas for projects to the next meeting for budgeting purposes. One item that should be budgeted for each year is
sign repairs. Will need to finalize the budget at October meeting. Jean to inspect the entrance areas for budgeting of any plants needed next year.

Open Forum
It was mentioned that Lake Masters and Gipson were accessing the Lake off of Spring Island Way along side of 849 Spring Island Way. Neil was asked to make sure that they were using the correct designated access area.

Motion to adjourn made by Larry. Seconded by Jean. Meeting adjourned at 7:35 P.M.

Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 18, at 6:30 p.m.

submitted by Board of Directors
Neil E. Thomas CMCA, PCAM
Penn First Management, Inc.