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Cypress Isles Wins ReNEW Grant
Welcome to Cypress Isles!
County to Cite Bad Parking
ARC Rides Again
Pining for the Pines
Trick or Treat!
We are STILL NOT in a flood zone!
Do You Know Where Your Pets Are?
Unchain That Dawg!
Citrus Canker moves into East Orange County
Cypress Isles Contact List

Lawn 'N Order (2005 revision)

Cypress Isles Wins ReNEW Grant
Tired of the missing Cypress Isles sign? So are we. But help is on the way.
We are pleased to announce Cypress Isles has been awarded an Orange County ReNEW Grant. This grant will fund half the cost of a complete refurbishment of both entrances. Industrial quality materials will be used to ensure, with minimal maintenance requirements, a significantly longer useful life than was realized with our existing entrances. A long-term maintenance program has been established to keep our entrances in top-notch condition.
Preparation of the work site will begin in mid October with the removal of some plants, placing a protective cover over others and the removal of all signs. The mortar joints will be repaired as necessary and the brick will be cleaned and sealed. All open columns will be capped and the white portions of the structure will be coated with Colorcrete®. Site prep should take about a week and the brickwork two or three weeks.
While the brickwork is in progress, our signs will be fabricated. Solid brass letters will be installed and we have redesigned the fastening system for both the signs and the letters to mitigate the problems we have had with vandalism. One column on each side will be sporting a new cypress tree logo, which replaces the current "CI" logo, and one "CI" logo will remain on each side. The circular sign above "CYPRESS ISLES" will also have the new logo.
The sign contractor has advised us the minimum lead-time for delivery of the graphics and letters is five weeks from order date. Shop time and installation will take an additional three weeks. So expect some lag time between completion of the brickwork and installation of the signs. The entire sign project will take a minimum of eight weeks.
The electrical components for both entrances will be brought up to current code. The front entrance lights will be relocated to minimize the "headlight" effect. The broken fixtures at the back entrance will be replaced with a fluorescent floodlight. This will illuminate the sign and eliminate the headlight effect entirely. The electrical phase will begin after the new signs are installed and should take one or two weeks to complete.
Finally, the landscaping will be restored the week following completion of the electrical work. With any luck and good weather, we should be done before Christmas!

Claudia Rilea
Entrance Refurbishment Committee

Dear Neighbors,
In the last newsletter, kudos were given to our many neighbors who give their time and energy to take care of our Homeowner Association's business. One name was notably absent - our association president, Dennis Horazak. Of course, being the one that wrote the article, Dennis wouldn't pat himself on the back. So we will do so now. Thank YOU Dennis, for your good humor and grace, for remaining calm and diplomatic in situations that could easily become unpleasant and lead to hard feelings between neighbors. Kudos to you for a job well done!

Claudia Rilea

Welcome to Cypress Isles!
Go over and say, "Hi!"
Hello to our new neighbors at 13738 Crystal River Dr.
If we've missed anyone else who recently moved in, please let us know so we can mention you in the next newsletter.

County to Cite Bad Parking
Park right. It's more than just neighborly - it's the law.
Orange County Code Enforcement is now cruising through Waterford Lakes, issuing violation citations for cars parked across sidewalks, cars parked on the grass, cars parked the wrong way in the street, and boats 24 feet or longer that are parked where they can be seen from the street. Sloppy parkers, straighten up.


ARC Rides Again
The ARC issued 30 citations during their last inspection. Street trees are a separate issue.
The Architectural Review Committee saddled up and rode through Cypress Isles on July 26th, issuing citations for the following violations. (They add up to more than 30 because some were multi-taskers.)

" Runaway weeds - 14
" Missing lawn trees - 7
" Missing sod - 4
" Painting needed - 4
" Trash cans on display - 2
" Remove driveway paint - 1
" Storm shutters still up - 1
" Trim bushes - 1

Street trees continue to be a problem for everyone, mostly because we still don't know why some of them thrive while the rest of them keep falling over. Tree-lined streets are a fine goal, but the "mystery soil" in our neighborhood has transformed routine tree plantings into ongoing science projects, frustrating homeowners and ARC's alike.
Given the lack of reliable tree-growing information, the Board decided at its August 16th meeting to stop bugging homeowners about street trees, and to ask Cypress Islanders to vote on making street trees optional at next year's annual meeting.
Until then, do the best you can with your street trees, and let us know if you find out anything.

Editor's note: Here at CI News World Headquarters, we're on our third street tree so far. Our latest planting, "Marla" Maple, seems to be doing well, but we're still keeping our roots crossed.

Pining for the Pines
Dead pines at entrance (and their killers) to be removed soon.
The four dead or dying pines at the front entrance are the latest victims of pine borer beetles that have killed dozens of pine trees throughout Waterford Lakes. The only defense against these pernicious pests seems to be removing the infested trees before the boring bugs decide to infest other trees. With that in mind, our four toasted trees will be removed in the next couple of weeks, as part of a concerted effort throughout Waterford Lakes.

Trick or Treat!
Halloween seems like a long way off, but it's really just around the corner and will be here before you can say "Boo!"
Trick or Treat night will be on Monday, October 31st (a.k.a. Halloween), starting at 6 PM., ending at 9 P.M., or whenever the treats run out. Turn your porch lights on and meet your neighborhood goblins.
Where to go? I'm glad you asked. Good rule of thumb, or foot, is: Porch light on - go there. Porch light off - don't go there.
Trick-or-treaters: Watch out for vehicles and be extra careful because your costumes can make it hard to see. Carry a flashlight to make it easier for you to see, and for others to see you.
Drivers: Watch out for trick-or-treaters and be extra careful because behind every bag of goodies is an excited child.
Moms and Dads: Those costumes are great; we have no idea who they really are.
Everyone: Don't forget to check those goodies before eating them.

We are STILL NOT in a flood zone!
Don't let your mortgage or insurance company tell you otherwise…

We have printed our neighbor Michael Langan's article several times. The information is so important and valuable that we're running it again for those who are new to the community.
Your mortgage carrier may tell you that you need flood insurance when you do not. If you are notified by your mortgage carrier that you need Flood Insurance, here are the steps to take to resolve this issue.

1 - Contact your mortgage company, and discuss everything and explain what you will be doing to resolve this matter.
2 - Contact Orange County Public Works Department. (407) 836-7990
3 - Explain that you are being told that your mortgage company is requiring that you purchase flood insurance within 45 days. They will send you the necessary documents that show your property in a SFHA (Special Flood Hazard Area), but that your structure is not located in a SFHA. Specifically they should reference Letter of Map Amendment case no: 94-04-952A.
4 - Send a copy of this information to your mortgage carrier, and be sure that they send you a letter stating that you no longer are required to carry Flood Insurance. Keep all correspondence for your records, if this should pop-up again.

I hope this helps.

Michael Langan


Do You Know Where Your Pets Are?

They're in our yard!
Also worth re-running…
We know you love your pets. So do we. Okay, so we don't love your pets as much as we love our own. We especially don't love your pets when they are allowed to roam free, using our properties as their personal toilet area, and upsetting our pets, which are either leashed, or being kept under control in our screen enclosures. This applies to dogs and cats. It's also against the law…not part of the local or master HOA documents, but an Orange County law. Orange County enforces animal leash and waste laws subject to fines up to $500 for non-compliance. And don't forget to clean up your pet's waste. We only want to clean up after our own pets, so please be responsible for yours. Report violators to Orange County Animal Control 407-352-4390.
But wait, there's more…

Unchain That Dawg!
ORLANDO, Fla. - On July 12, 2005, Orange County commissioners passed a law banning dog owners from chaining their dogs outdoors during the day.
Dogs cannot be chained from 9 a.m. through 5 p.m., and fines will range from $75 to $250.
At least two other Florida counties have similar laws.

Citrus Canker moves into East Orange County
Not a welcome neighbor...
If you had a citrus tree on your property, the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services has probably removed it. In December 2004, a routine Sentinel Tree Survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture found citrus canker in Waterford Lakes in East Orange County. The diagnosis was confirmed by state pathologists on December 27, 2004. All positive trees have been removed.
We are now in a QUARANTINE area.
What does this mean?
According to the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Affairs --
Quarantine areas may be established to prevent spread of the disease.
NO citrus or citrus plants may be moved from a quarantine zone.
NO potted citrus may be kept in a quarantine zone.
NO citrus trees may be planted in a quarantine zone without Department approval.
Businesses engaged in lawn maintenance, citrus planting, production, handling, harvesting, packing and processing within a quarantine zone MUST sign compliance agreements with the Department and follow mandatory decontamination procedures.
Citrus cannot be planted for two years after the last positive tree detection, except with permission of the CCEP Director.
For further information, please go to the website:
I guess it's back to the grocery store for our oranges and grapefruits.
Now, if only they could do something about that kudzu-looking vine smothering the trees on Lake Underhill....

Cypress Isles Contact List
Board of Directors

Dennis Horazak, President 407 207-6557
Ron Wiley, Vice-President 407 384-2564
Mike Kranz, Secretary 407 380-6834
Myron Davis, Treasurer 407 737-8200
Lee Blackwell, Member 407 275-2541

Rex Bowman, Community Management Professionals 407 903-9969 Ext. 114

Neighborhood Watch
Kim Schmitt 407 737-1966

Dennis Bode, Webmaster

Sandy & Denny Horazak, CI News Editor 407 207-6557

Handy Numbers

Orange County Sheriff
Non-emergency 407 737-2400

Animal Control (unleashed pets, etc.)
407 352-4390

Progress Energy Streetlight Repair 1-800-228-8485


Happy Birthday to:

October 3 - Mary Kranz
October 5 - Mike Kranz