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County Community Crime Forum
How does our neighborhood address crime? Do we feel safe?
Join your neighbors for an Orange County Community Crime Forum on Thursday, August 21, 2008 from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at Risen Savior Lutheran Church on S. Alafaya Trail between Mark Twain Blvd. and Eastwood Publix. The Orange County Sheriff's Office and other government agencies will be on hand to listen to our concerns about crime and safety.
If you have any questions about this forum, please contact the Orange County Office for a Drug Free Community at (407) 836-7335.


Comments from Your President
Community On Patrol
I'm pretty sure I am not the only one who has noticed an increase in residential crime in our neighborhood. I was already concerned about it before I woke up at 2am one morning to discover two hoodlums climbing in my family room window.
Most of you agree but are saying to yourselves "there is nothing we can do."
Well now there is. Please read Harold Engold's article this month about our new neighborhood watch program in development, the Community On Patrol. We will need volunteers to go through the certification course and patrol once a month, but as a result we get our own patrol car.
The car is maintained and fueled by the county and it costs nothing but a few hours a month to be in this program. We need you. YOU need you. Your kids need you. Please volunteer for this program.
Contact any board member to volunteer.

Sprinklers Wasting Water
As I do my daily morning walk during this, our wet season, I notice many of our residents are still running their sprinklers. Let me remind you that running lawn sprinklers during the three days following a thunderstorm is a total waste. The roots are full and the ground has absorbed as much water as it can hold.
God has a much better sprinkler system than any of yours.
All it accomplishes is to create large puddles on the sidewalks and increase your water bill considerably.
People have told me that their water bills are running several hundred dollars monthly? INSANE! My water bill is around $30 in the summer. Disregard the urban legends about how long to run your sprinklers. In the dry season, two times a week with 15 minutes in each zone will keep your lawn green until the next rain. In the wet season, they are not needed.
Most of our homes were built with sprinkler systems installed, including a "wetness" sensor. On my house it's a "fingery-looking" antenna-like thing sticking out over my garage door. This sensor will disable the sprinkler (if enabled on your control panel) when the ground is already soaked.
These need to be maintained periodically and I suggest that spending a hundred bucks now will save you thousands over the next few years.
If you don't do it for the environment, then do it for your checkbook. Please turn those things off in the rainy season.

John Tenney, President

Editor's note: As John said, no sprinklers should be running during the rainy season. But when we return to the dry season, don't forget Orange County's mandatory twice a week water restrictions that are in effect:
Odd numbered houses (your house number ends in 1, 3, 5, 7, 9) may only water on Wednesday and Saturday.
Even numbered houses (your house number ends in 0, 2, 4, 6, 8) may only water on Thursday and Sunday.
NO WATERING on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.
NO WATERING between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on your designated day.
Violations subject to fines up to $500!


Cypress Isles wants YOU!

We Need Volunteers

Crime is on the rise but what can I do?
Yes, crime is on the rise in our neighborhood and we the residents of Cypress Isles, along with the Orange County Sheriff's Office, are looking to start a Citizens on Patrol Volunteer Unit right here in Waterford Lakes.

What is this program and how does it work?
Citizens On Patrol is a volunteer unit made up of community residents who become an extra set of eyes and ears to fight crime in their community. Coordinated by the Orange County Sheriff's Office, they supply the training, a motor vehicle, volunteer identification, COP uniform shirt, jacket and ball-cap.

How do I volunteer?
To be a volunteer, one must be 21 years of age, pass a background check and a basic physical exam. There is no cost to becoming a volunteer. The only requirement is training, which is provided by the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

What kind of commitment is required?
A volunteer needs to complete the training, and then commit to at least one shift per month. We haven't defined the shifts yet so that will be flexible.
The training consists of first aid, CPR, communications, mature driving and policy and procedures totaling 18 hours. After completing your training and background check, you are a certified volunteer. Then you work with your coordinator and volunteer as much time as you can each month patrolling your neighborhood in the Orange County Sheriff's "Citizen On Patrol" Police Vehicle.

What do I do if I see something?
You do not get involved with any individual; you just report suspicious activity or crimes you may encounter. You will call the sheriffs on the supplied cell phone and continue your patrolling.

OK I'm interested. How do I get started?
John Tenney and I have met with Deputy Edward Royal of the Orange County Sheriff's Office who runs the program and he outlined the program to us. We need 25 volunteers to start our own program. Please come out to an organizational meeting on Wed. Aug. 20th 2008 at 7PM at 700 Cedarwood Court and get all the details. Even if you're not sure, come out to the meeting and learn more about protecting your neighborhood.

Where and when is that meeting again?
Wed. Aug. 20th 2008 at 7PM at 700 Cedarwood Court, home of Harold and Cheryl Engold.

How can I find out more?
In the meantime, if you have any questions, please call me, Harold Engold at 407-491-5233 or e-mail me at Or e-mail John Tenney at
As a retired law enforcement officer of 30 years, I have seen this program in action and it does work in reducing crime.

Harold Engold

Dateworthy Notes


September 20 - Dick Glesener
October 3 - Harold Engold
October 3 - Mary Kranz
October 5 - Mike Kranz
November 12 - Jamie Wiley


August 17 - Bill & Kathi Snook



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Harold Engold, Director 407-273-4990

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