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Welcome to Cypress Isles!
Water, Water Everywhere…
Same Board, Different Year
Cypress Isles Contact List
Woodbury Woes…
…and Lake Underhill Woes
Who Ya Gonna Call?
ARCs Will Be More Florida Friendly
When Can You Water?
Hurricanes - Don't Be Fooled
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Welcome to Cypress Isles!
Go over and say, "Hi!"
Welcome to our new neighbors at:
535 Spring Island Way
825 Spring Island Way
If we've missed anyone else who recently moved in, please let us know so we can mention you in our next newsletter.


Water, Water Everywhere…
…at least in this newsletter, anyway.

Almost every article in this issue deals with water - either getting to use it or getting rid of it. Reclaimed water will be coming in along Woodbury Road. New "underdrains" under Lake Underhill will keep heavy rains from flooding or undermining the streets. Florida Friendly Landscapes are intended to reduce residential watering.

Thankfully, nobody has slapped the word "crisis" onto our water situation, but here in the Sunshine State, this "liquid sunshine" impacts our lives more every year. What would you do if you had less water at your disposal, or if it cost two or three times as much to use? It's not too early to plan.

Same Board, Different Year
The Members of Cypress Isles did not achieve a quorum at their annual meeting on May 19th, so Cypress Isles will continue with its current Board of Directors. In a subsequent meeting, the board elected its officers to one-year terms.

Cypress Isles Contact List

Board of Directors
Ron Wiley, President 407-384-2564
John Tenney, Vice-President 407-383-3079
Dennis Horazak, Secretary 407-207-6557
Myron Davis, Treasurer 407-737-8200
Bob Hopper, Director 407-232-5555
Harold Engold, Director 407-273-4990
Cookie Symons, Director 407-273-5460

Community Management Professionals
Judith Meldrum 407-903-9969 Ext. 106

Neighborhood Watch
Sandy Horazak, Coordinator 407-207-6557

COPS Committee
Harold Engold, Coordinator 407-273-4990

Dennis Bode, Webmaster
Sandy & Denny Horazak, CI News Editor 407-207-6557

Woodbury Woes…
Installation of a 42-inch reclaimed water line will likely impede Woodbury Road traffic over the next year.

The City of Orlando, in cooperation with Orange County and the St. Johns River Water management District (SJRWMD), will install a 42-inch pipe running through Waterford Lakes and Eastwood. When the project is completed next year, this pipe will transfer about 25 million gallons per day of reclaimed water from the City's Iron Bridge Regional Water Reclamation Facility (IBRWRF) in Seminole County to the City's Eastern Regional Water Reclamation Facility (ERWRF) on Alafaya Trail near Eastwood Publix. The IBRWRF is reportedly overloaded while the ERWRF has available capacity.

The reclaimed water will be used to replace the demand for potable water for residential irrigation, thus reducing the stress on the Floridan Aquifer, the area's primary potable water supply source. The transferred water will serve the Eastern Reclaimed Water service area, generally encompassing the area from the Baldwin Park development area, south to the Lake Nona development area.

Speaking at the July 27 WLCA Board meeting, Manager Ken Zook explained that about three miles of 42-inch pipe will be installed along the entire length of Woodbury Road from Colonial Drive to Golfway Boulevard, then right (south) under the pavement of the southbound lane of Golfway Boulevard and across Alafaya Trail, then left (west) about 3/8 mile to the Orange County Eastern Regional Water Reclamation Facility.

Workers will dig a tunnel under Lake Underhill Road at its intersection with Woodbury so the pipe can be installed without disturbing Lake Underhill traffic. Traffic on Woodbury and Golfway, however, will be disturbed, as the northbound lanes of these roads will be modified to maintain two-way traffic during construction.

WLCA is planning to connect to the pipeline and use some of its reclaimed water to irrigate WLCA common areas, replacing the well water we now use.

The 5.2-million-dollar project is expected to start now and continue though July 2010. For project updates, see the City website at, click on Departments > Public Works > On-going Projects, then scroll down to "ERRWDS Contract 1B Woodbury Road South."

The City's construction management and inspection staff intends to keep the various HOA's and businesses informed regarding the project scheduling, and WLCA has volunteered to be a repository for project information and updates.

…and Lake Underhill Woes
Installation of underdrain piping will likely impede Lake Underhill traffic for awhile.

Not that there is enough happening with roadwork as the 42" reclaimed water main makes its way up Woodbury Road, but the county will also begin a smaller project installing an underdrain along the curb line on Lake Underhill from Mark Twain to Jade Forest. We will see some lane closures as this project moves east.

I do not know how long it will take for this project to be completed, but as I learn more I will be happy to keep everyone posted. In the meantime, be careful and be alert for workers and pedestrians in the work zones.

Ken Zook, LCAM - General Manager
Waterford Lakes Community Association
Visit Waterford Lakes online at

 Important Stuff to remember:
Trick-or-Treat - Sat. Oct. 31, 6-9 PM

Then you can sleep in the next day!
Sunday Nov. 1 at 2 AM Daylight Saving Time Ends

Who Ya Gonna Call?

WLCA Office (Dawn) 407-380-3803
453 Mark Twain Blvd.

Orange County Sheriff's Office
Non-emergency 407-836-HELP (4357)

Animal Control (unleashed pets, etc.)

Progress Energy Streetlight Repair or Power Outage 1-800-228-8485

Call before you dig (Sunshine Network) 811

ARCs Will Be More Florida Friendly
The WLCA ARC is working to embrace Florida Friendly Landscaping standards and save water...
On July 1st, Gov. Crist signed a new law encouraging residents to plant Florida Friendly Landscaping instead of thirstier plants and grasses. The new law requires each water management district (such as our SJRWMD) to provide Florida-Friendly Landscaping ordinances to local governments, using information from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), UF/IFAS and Center for Landscape Conservation & Ecology/ Florida Friendly Landscaping Program. The overall goal is to use less water.

The WLCA ARC is currently revising its rules to conform to the new laws. We will still have to submit AR Applications if we want to use the grass and plants approved by water management districts, and the ARC can still regulate the placement, layout and plants used to maintain the spirit of the community.

Learn about Florida Friendly landscaping and gardening, Florida native plants and lawn care at

When Can You Water?
Your address sets your schedule.
Odd-numbered addresses may water on Saturdays all year, and also on Wednesdays during Daylight Savings Time.
Even-numbered addresses may water on Sundays all year, and also on Thursdays during Daylight Savings Time.
Nobody may water between 10 am and 4 pm - ever. Learn more at

As a reminder - All the rain = slimy, black, slippery sidewalks and driveways from the run-off. To avoid someone falling and getting hurt please be sure to power wash these areas. No homeowner wants to be involved in a lawsuit. The sidewalk in front of your home is your responsibility.

Hurricanes - Don't Be Fooled
We've been lucky so far, but the luckiest people are those who prepare.
It's been five years since Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, and Jeanne showed us what high winds can do, and a year since Tropical Storm Fay showed us that high winds aren't the only problem. Now, as tropical weather systems off the west coast of Africa are becoming better organized, we should ensure that we are prepared for whatever tropical turmoil is sent our way.

If you plan to either make or buy hurricane shutters for your windows, now is a good time to complete the project. The worst time to order or buy hurricane shutters is when a hurricane is coming and everyone else is buying them, depleting the stock, and raising the prices.

And - remembering Fay - consider mega-drainage as well. Orange County is busy adding underdrains on Lake Underhill and Lakes Way to handle excess rainfall. If your property isn't draining quite right, now is a good time to fix the problem.

The flyer delivered with this newsletter outlines WLCA's disaster plan. Although the plan is concerned primarily with physical damage to WLCA property, the 4-page Appendix A is for us homeowners.

Now is a good time to get your own disaster plan in order.

The WLCA Disaster Plan is posted online at > Documents > WLCA Long Range Planning Committee > Disaster Plan


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Sandy Horazak, Editor

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