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Financial Statements Available
Board and Annual Meetings
Holiday Lighting Winners
Cypress Isles Traffic Committee Update
Welcome to Cypress Isles!
Cypress Isles Contact List
CIN Publication Schedule
ARC News
Cleaning and Sealing Concrete
Hurricanes on the Horizon
WLCA Business Briefs
Dateworthy Notes
Dates for Daylight Saving Time
Who Ya Gonna Call?


Financial Statements Available
A copy of our community association's year-end financial statement of income and expenses is now available for review at the management office. If you would like to have a copy sent to you, please request in writing to the following address, fax, or email.

Community Management Professionals
5401 South Kirkman Road, Suite 540
Orlando, FL 32819
Fax: 407-903-9234

Tell us how you want the financial statement delivered to you - by mail, fax, or email.
A copy of the current year's budget is also available upon request, or from our website at

Your Board of Directors

Board and Annual Meetings
Cypress Isles homeowners are invited to the next Board of Directors meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday March 18th at Exit Realty, 11555 Lake Underhill Road.
Also, it's not too early to plan to attend this year's Annual Member Meeting on Tuesday May 20th at 7:00 p.m., also at Exit Realty. More detailed information will be mailed to all homeowners prior to the meeting.

Holiday Lighting Winners

Remember 2007? Remember how, like at the end, we had this lighting contest? Wonderin' who the winners were? Well, here ya go- (drum roll, please):
The December 16, 2007 Holiday Lighting contest winners were:

First Place: 702 Divine Circle
Richard Patten and his daughter, Janice Cashmer, Decorator Extraordinaire
Second Place: 830 Spring Island Way
Joseph & Carolyn Kreuzpaintner
Third Place: 620 Spring Island Way
Mike & Sharon Cirello
Honorable Mention: 806 Spring Island Way Jeff & Roxanne Dekorver

Congratulations to all the winners! So many homes were decorated beautifully - it's not easy for the judges to narrow it down to 3.

Unfortunately, there were some nasty grinches out there who went on a vandalism spree - destroying, damaging, or outright stealing some homeowners' decorations.

May they be rewarded with several bags of coal in jail.



And while we all enjoyed everyone's holiday lights during the holiday season, it's time to take them down!
Cypress Isles Traffic Committee Update
Relief may be on the way for Spring Island Way…

Speed Humps? Maybe!

The county has accepted our request for five Speed Humps and two traffic islands. This does not mean we get them, but we are one step further.
Claudia Rilea secured an Orange County ReNEW grant for $18,000 to pay for half of the speed humps; and Commissioner Linda Stewart is giving us $5,000 out of her "discretionary fund."
Seventy-five of the 91 eligible homes signed the petition for this request, with no serious objections.
This issue will be presented to Spring Island Way residents in the form of a county ballot. Spring Island Way residents will receive a ballot from the county requesting a YES or NO vote on the speed humps, along with an estimated one-time cost added on to the 2009 tax assessments. We estimate this cost to be between $165 and $220 per Spring Island Way home.
Please remember, that a non-returned ballot is counted as a NO vote, so if you don't send it in, YOU VOTED NO! We need 67% of the homes (about 62) to send in YES votes to proceed. If there are not enough YES votes, that is the end of the project, and we get NOTHING from the county.
Ballots should be coming in your mailbox within the next 60 days.

John Tenney
Chair, Traffic Committee


Welcome to Cypress Isles!
Go over and say, "Hi!"

Welcome to our new neighbors at:
548 Divine Circle
738 Spring Island Way
If we've missed anyone else who recently moved in, please let us know so we can mention you in the next newsletter.


Cypress Isles Contact List

Board of Directors
Ron Wiley, President 407 384-2564
John Tenney, Vice-President 407-383-3079
Dennis Horazak, Secretary 407 207-6557
Myron Davis, Treasurer 407 737-8200
John Culbertson, Member 407 658-4261
Harold Engold, Member 407-273-4990
Cookie Symons, Member 407-273-5460 NEW ADDRESS>

Community Management Professionals
Jessica Echeverria
407-903-9969 Ext. 127
Se habla espanol y ingles

Neighborhood Watch
John Culbertson 407 658-4261
Traffic Study Committee
John Tenney 407-383-3079
Dennis Bode, Webmaster
Sandy & Denny Horazak, CI News Editor 407 207-6557

CIN Publication Schedule
The Cypress Isles News is published quarterly by the Board of Directors for the residents of Cypress Isles. We welcome non-commercial articles and paid advertising from our neighbors. Send email submissions to Sandy Horazak - Copy deadlines are February 1 for the February issue, May 1 for the May issue, August 1 for the August issue, and November 1 for the November issue. Articles may be edited for length, clarity, or content. Advertisements are subject to approval of the Cypress Isles News staff and the Cypress Isles Board of Directors, which governs this newsletter.
Advertising in the Cypress Isles News does not constitute endorsement by either the Cypress Isles News or the WLCA. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the advertisements or the performance or proper licensing of our advertisers. We recommend that consumers check references.
Thanks to the Symons', the Engolds, and the Culbertsons for delivering the newsletter to our homes. And a big thanks to Cookie Symons for coordinating the volunteers.

Sandy Horazak, Editor

ARC News

New-- just in time for Spring! Three flavors of forms, and lotsa flavors of colors…
The WLCA Architectural Review Committee, ARC, has made some changes to the forms we were using. Originally, we had one form for everything. They are now using three different forms, all of which can be downloaded from Waterford Lakes web site,

One Architectural Review Application, ARA, is strictly used for painting the exterior of your home.
The second is for Pool Construction.
The third is for everything else.

If you are planning on more then one project then they would like a separate ARA for each project. When everything is on one application it becomes confusing when one project is approved and another may not be approved. Please remember to turn in the ARA in duplicate.
Cypress Isles has an exterior paint color book with a very large selection of colors. Please
feel free to borrow the book before choosing your colors, since the WLCA is sticking to those colors and will reject anything not included in the book. Our book mirrors the master book. You can pick the book up from Cookie Symons.
We would again like to thank all of you who continue to keep your properties looking their best. It really makes Cypress Isles one of the nicest communities in Waterford Lakes.

Cookie Symons
Cypress Isles ARC

Cleaning and Sealing Concrete
Cleaning and sealing is better than repeated pressure washing or acid washing.
After the last ARC inspection there were questions about issuing notices to homeowners who had rust stains on their sidewalks or driveways. This we all know is a common problem due to the soil makeup we have here in Florida. Many individuals have taken the time to pressure wash and acid wash those areas of the sidewalk or driveway, only to have the rust return quickly.
To make matters worse, every time you pressure-wash or acid-wash you remove another fine layer of the concrete, which makes the concrete more porous. Thus any chemicals that spill onto the concrete will stain the area much faster and make it more difficult to remove the next time.
After trying all of the same things I mentioned above, I found a solution that works, using products sold by Home Depot.
Clean with BEHR Concrete Etcher & Rust Remover
Seal with H&C Silicone Concrete Sealer / Clear
Cleaning the area with the BEHR product does not remove as much concrete as either pressure-washing or acid-washing would. Once the area has dried, take a paint roller and generously apply the H&C Sealer.
The sealer penetrates well and will close up the open pores of the concrete. Once dried, the sidewalk or driveway does not look any different than it did before, but the sealer will keep rust from adhering to the concrete the next time it rains or the sprinkler is on.
Please share this with any of your neighbors who might be experiencing this problem

Ron Wiley

Hurricanes on the Horizon
Yes, in only a few short months it will be June 1st, the traditional start of the Atlantic hurricane season. If you plan to either make or buy hurricane shutters for your windows, now would be a good time to start the project.
Don't even think about putting tape on your windows. Tape won't protect your windows against flying debris, and might actually cause larger, taped-together pieces of glass to fly through the house. Use hurricane shutters instead. The same is true of plastic film window coverings.
Buy or build shutters early in the season. The worst time to order or buy hurricane shutters is when a hurricane is coming and everyone else is buying them, depleting the stock, and raising the prices. Buy and test-install them way before you might need them. This is a no-brainer when you think about it.

WLCA Business Briefs
These are excerpts from the November 2007 WLCA Board meeting and the January 2008 Annual Members meeting. The next three WLCA Board meeting will be on Mondays February 25, March 31, and April 28, 2008 at the Alafaya Library.

WLCA Pool Reopened January 25th
The WLCA Community Pool was closed on January 2nd, then emptied and resurfaced,
and re-opened on January 25th. The refurbished pool also has new furniture on the deck. Stop by to take a look, sunbathe, or take a dip (brrr) if you want. Welcome back!

Rec Center and Tot Lots Upgraded
There have been significant upgrades to the Rec Center upgrades and Tot Lots on Lake Underhill.
Upgrades to the Rec Center include new seating at the tennis courts, garbage receptacles replacing the rotting wood framed units, new football goal posts, and new basketball backboards. The only delayed items left to be completed are the bleacher seating for the soccer/Lacrosse fields the proper legs for the new benches that are going to be installed at the basketball courts.
Tot lot upgrades are almost complete too. The new play systems at the Cypress Isles and Carrington Lakes tot lots have been installed. Minor landscaping and mulch will be added, but the tot lots won't be open until the projects are complete and the caution tape when everything is removed. The exercise equipment that replaced the tot lot at Magnolia Glen is fully installed and, as with the other two play areas, mulch will be added and tire ruts will be repaired.
Once these upgrades and safety items are completed, all areas will be reopening for use and your enjoyment.

2008 WLCA Board Elected
Fifteen neighborhood associations representing 2,045 households were present at the January 27th Annual Meeting of the WLCA. The voting representatives elected incumbents Tom Bontrager and Alvin Little and Estates Representative Eric Kron to the 2008 Board of Directors. Sitting Board members Jim Witmer and Jamie Rodriguez begin the second year of their 2-year terms. The 2008 WLCA Board is:
Jim Witmer, President
Tom Bontrager, Vice President
Alvin Little, Treasurer
Eric Kron, Secretary
Jamie Rodriguez, Director at Large
Thanks to everyone who attended and made the annual meeting a success.

Operations Committee Goes Shopping
In the spirit of Black Friday and Cyber-Monday, the Operations Committee presented an impressive list of needed purchases to the Board, all of which were approved as necessary
$20,000 to plant native grass and Plumbago plants along Alafaya Trail from Lake Underhill to Eastwood Plaza
$19,950 for 475 cubic yards of mulch
$17,900 for Crape Myrtles and Chinese Fan Palms in the Lake Underhill median islands
$17,100 for replacement equipment for the three play areas ("tot lots") on Lake Underhill
$15,000 for removal, disposal, shipping, and installation of the equipment on this list
$13,100 for 60 chaise lounges and 16 chairs around the pool
$6,630 for replacement equipment in the football/soccer fields
$4,800 to grade the three baseball fields
$3,500 for lighting for the Recreation Center
$2,860 for replacement equipment in the basketball court area
$2,130 for replacement equipment in the tennis area
$2,000 to repair and seal the gazebo
All of these expenditures total $124,950, which represents about 8% of WLCA's $1.5 million annual budget.

WLCA to Charge Leagues for Facility Use
Over the years, professional sport instructors and organized leagues have steadily increased their use of WLCA's athletic facilities, resulting in more maintenance expense and less available time for individual WLCA residents. In an effort to mitigate this trend, the Board decided to begin charging usage fees to instructors and leagues for using the Recreation Center facilities. The fees will be administered through the Recreation Committee.
Complete approved minutes of WLCA board meetings are posted on the Waterford Lakes website at > Document > BOD Meeting Minutes. Comments can be sent to the WLCA Board at > Board/Committees > Address the Board.

Dennis Horazak


Dateworthy Notes

Happy Anniversary to:
February 26 - John & Kathleen Tenney
March 5 - Mike & Mary Kranz
Happy Birthday to:
February 23 - Grace Tenney
May 5 - Steve Wood

Dates for Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time will begin in the United States at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday March 9th. Remember to set your clocks ahead 1 hour on Saturday night - so you won't be late for stuff on Sunday.
Globetrotters and people who call Europe should note that Daylight Saving Time in Europe begins three weeks later, on March 30th, causing three weeks of transatlantic confusion.


Who Ya Gonna Call?

WLCA Office (Dawn) 453 Mark Twain Blvd. 407-380-3803
Orange County Sheriff - Non-emergency 407 836-HELP (4357)
Animal Control (unleashed pets, etc.) 407 352-4390
Progress Energy Streetlight Repair or Power Outage 1-800-228-8485
Call before you dig (Sunshine Network) 811

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