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Financial Statements Available
Board and Annual Meetings
Holiday Lighting Winners
Welcome to Cypress Isles!
2009 WLCA Board Elected
ARC - February First Aid
Dateworthy Notes
Dates for Daylight Saving Time
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Financial Statements Available
A copy of our community association's year-end financial statement of income and expenses is now available for review at the management office. If you would like to have a copy sent to you, please request in writing to the following address, fax, or email.

Community Management Professionals
5401 South Kirkman Road, Suite 540
Orlando, FL 32819
Fax: 407-903-9234

Tell us how you want the financial statement delivered to you - by mail, fax, or email.
A copy of the current year's budget is also available upon request, or from our website at

Your Board of Directors

Board and Annual Meetings
Cypress Isles homeowners are invited to the next Board of Directors meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday March 17th at Connect Realty, 11555 Lake Underhill Road.

Also, it's not too early to plan to attend this year's Annual Member Meeting (or run for the Board) on Tuesday May19th at 7:00 p.m., also at Connect Realty. More detailed information will be mailed to all homeowners prior to the meeting. Please keep in mind that if we do not have a quorum of the members at the Annual Meeting, and it has to be re-scheduled, we incur the cost of the additional printing and mailings for the re-scheduled meeting!

Holiday Lighting Winners
Nice weather and nicer decorations graced Cypress Isles on the evening of last December 14th, when a truckload of intrepid judges needed three trips through the neighborhood to decide which of all the wonderful displays they liked best. There were so many good candidates that new categories had to be added to the list.

Ron & Jennifer Williams, 849 Spring Island Way took First Place with their great lights, holiday music, and inflatable figures that were standing tall despite the vandalism from 2 nights earlier, which the judges learned about while presenting their award. Great job repairing, restoring, and not letting the grinches steal their Christmas Spirit!

Second Place went to the Reyes family at 517 Spring Island Way for a colorful array of lights and trees and animated mailbox.

Third Place was awarded to the Haight family of 707 Cedarwood Court with their dancing trees.

Honorable Mention went to the Janoske family, 505 Spring Island Way, who bring colorful holiday joy to our front entrance every year.

The Whirling Wattmeter award went to Pierre & Nancy Navaille of 13201 White Cedar Court for their extensively illuminating and decorative use of metered power.

The Cypress Alps Award went to the Kreuzpaintner family of 830 Spring Island Way. We knew reindeer could fly, but we didn't know polar bears could ski.

A special Patriotic Ensemble Award went to the Pattens and Gordons of 702 and 708 Divine Circle, respectively, for their combined red, white, and blue displays. It might not have been intentional, but it is inspiring and lovely.

The Supreme Court Award went to the residents of Cedarwood Court for their high density of decorated houses. Everyone who glances down Cedarwood will do a double-take to see all the decorations.

Cypress Isles thanks these homeowners and others who also decorated very nicely. These awards are not monetary, just well deserved bragging rights.




Cypress Isles STILL wants YOU!
We STILL Need Volunteers

Citizens on Patrol is here!

A car has been issued for Cypress Isles Citizens on Patrol, but we still need more volunteer drivers.
Don't panic if you see what looks like a police cruiser cruisin' through Cypress Isles. It is our very own COPS program car, with resident volunteers patrolling the streets. This car can be distinguished from a police car by "Citizens on Patrol" on the side.

To be a volunteer, one must be 21 years of age, pass a background check and a basic physical exam. There is no cost to becoming a volunteer. The only requirement is training, which is provided by the sheriff's office.

For further info or to read complete details from our last 2 issues of the Cypress Isles News (August & November 2008) go to our website: OR contact Harold Engold at 407-491-5233 or As a retired law enforcement officer of 30 years, I have seen this program in action and it does work in reducing crime.

Harold Engold,
Cypress Isles COPS Coordinator

Welcome to Cypress Isles!
Go over and say, "Hi!"
Welcome to our new neighbors at:
13212 White Cedar Court

2009 WLCA Board Elected
Six neighborhood representatives and eight proxies, representing a total of 1,795 households, were present at the January 26th Annual Meeting of the WLCA. Incumbents Jim Witmer and Jamie Rodriguez were the only candidates running for the two open board seats, so both were re-elected. Sitting board members Tom Bontrager, Alvin Little, and Eric Kron began the second year of their 2-year terms.
The 2009 WLCA Board is:

Jim Witmer, President
Tom Bontrager, Vice-President
Alvin Little, Secretary
Eric Kron, Treasurer
Jamie Rodriguez, Director at Large

In other business, Eric Kron was re-elected to represent The Estates, a neighborhood that chose to be managed by WLCA instead of having its own association.

ARC - February First Aid
Lights and hoops now, the rest later.
The grass is brown the shrubs are burned and the economy is getting worse by the minute. We don't want to push anyone over the edge, but there are a couple of things we can do to tune up our neighborhood without causing more stress in an already stressful situation.

Holiday decorations - We love Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman" song too, but we don't want to see your stuff all year. We'd prefer to see your spring flowers.
Basketball hoops - Some of them look like they've been through triple overtime and need the team doctor. A little paint will get them ready for March madness.
Freeze-damaged plants- Here's a tip from horticulturalist Larry Smith, WLCA's consultant/arborist: LEAVE THEM ALONE! Don't prune or trim anything until the spring, no matter how ugly it looks. The plants will rebound at the tips and along the edges first. By cutting them now, it takes that all away and the plant will likely not survive. The dead stuff helps protect the live plant underneath.

This should hold us for now. Then in March when the weather improves and the plants come back to life, we can do the rest of the trimming and cleaning and the place will look great. It happens this way every year. We have faith in our neighbors.

ARC Committee


Dateworthy Notes


Happy Anniversary to:


Happy Birthday to:
February 26 -John & Kathleen Tenney
March 5 Mike & Mary kranz
April 16 - Ron & Jamie Wiley
February 23 Grace Tenney
May 5 - Steve Wood

Dates for Daylight Saving Time
Daylight Saving Time will begin in the United States at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday March 8th. Remember to set your clocks ahead 1 hour - so you won't be late for stuff.

Globetrotters and people who call Europe should note that Daylight Saving Time in Europe begins three weeks later, on March 30th, causing three weeks of transatlantic confusion.

About 70 countries around the world observe daylight saving time in some form. You can read about them in while you stay up until 2:00 AM to change your clocks.

CIN Publication Schedule
The Cypress Isles News is published quarterly by the Board of Directors for the residents of Cypress Isles. We welcome non-commercial articles and paid advertising from our neighbors. Send email submissions to Sandy Horazak - Copy deadlines are February 1 for the February issue, May 1 for the May issue, August 1 for the August issue, and November 1 for the November issue. Articles may be edited for length, clarity, or content. Advertisements are subject to approval of the Cypress Isles News staff and the Cypress Isles Board of Directors, which governs this newsletter.

Advertising in the Cypress Isles News does not constitute endorsement by either the Cypress Isles News or the WLCA. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the advertisements or the performance or proper licensing of our advertisers. We recommend that consumers check references.

Thanks to the Symons' and the Engolds for delivering the newsletter to our homes.

Sandy Horazak, Editor

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Cypress Isles Contact List

Board of Directors
John Tenney, President, 407-383-3079,
Ron Wiley, Vice-President, 407-384-2564,
Dennis Horazak, Secretary, 407-207-6557,
Myron Davis, Treasurer, 407-737-8200,
Bob Hopper, Director, 407-232-5555,
Harold Engold, Director, 407-273-4990,
Cookie Symons, Director , 407-273-5460,

Community Management Professionals
Judith Meldrum 407-903-9969 Ext. 106,

Neighborhood Watch
Sandy Horazak, Coordinator, 407-207-6557,

COPS Committee
Harold Engold, Coordinator, 407-273-4990,

Dennis Bode, Webmaster,
Sandy & Denny Horazak, CI News Editor, 407-207-6557,

Who Ya Gonna Call?

WLCA Office (Dawn) 407-380-3803
453 Mark Twain Blvd.

Orange County Sheriff's Office
Non-emergency - 407-836-HELP (4357)

Animal Control (unleashed pets, etc.)

Progress Energy Streetlight Repair or Power Outage 1-800-228-8485

Call before you dig (Sunshine Network) 811