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Annual Meeting Now June 19th
Welcome to Cypress Isles!
President's Message
Cypress Isles Traffic Committee Update
We Have a New Manager!
Cypress Isles Contact List
Three Months of WLCA Business
WLCA Has a New Website
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Webmaster Extraordinaire
Orange County Community Conference


Annual Meeting Now June 19th
No-show residents: the dog ate your proxy…?
Cypress Isles homeowners failed to show up in sufficient numbers to make a quorum for the Annual Members Meeting on Tuesday May 15th at Exit Realty, so there was no annual meeting. One-third of the homeowners was needed, or 47 homeowners, but only 14 homeowners and 10 proxies were available to be counted. Following the bylaws, the non-meeting was adjourned and will be continued next month, on June 19th. Meanwhile, the 2006 board remains in office.
Each homeowner has received another invitation and proxy in the mail. If you can come to the meeting, that would be great, but if you do not intend to attend, PLEASE fill out your proxy and send or deliver it to Mike Kranz, 774 Spring Island Way as soon as possible, so you don't forget. Every re-scheduled annual meeting requires new mailings at HOA (your) expense. If you decide to come to the meeting later, your presence will supersede your proxy. (If you had already sent a proxy, you don't have to do it again. We have it, and it's also valid for the June 19th meeting.)
Also, if you have suddenly decided to run for the board, you can be nominated (or nominate yourself) during the annual meeting. Just be prepared to answer questions from the audience, because answering questions from the audience is mostly what being on the Board is all about anyway.
We thank the 24 homeowners who showed up either in person or by proxy. So the rest of you - please do the same. Your neighborhood needs your help.

Welcome to Cypress Isles!
Go over and say, "Hi!"
Welcome to our new neighbors at:
13737 Crystal River Drive
603 Spring Island Way
908 Spring Island Way
518 Divine Circle
600 Divine Circle
If we've missed anyone else who recently moved in, please let us know so we can mention you in the next newsletter.


President's Message
We have reached the end of the 2006-2007 Cypress Isles Board term. There were no significant activities to review from the past year. We did not have any hurricanes or huge restoration projects, thus the board was able to focus on month to month business such as review of our contractor contracts and keeping our general operating expenses in line.
This is not to say that we did not have a few issues that required our attention such as unauthorized activity in our Conservation/ Open areas and of course the never ending traffic problem along Spring Island Way. We addressed both of these issues in several different ways and I think we were successful in obtaining community support without negatively imposing on any of our neighbors. Of course the traffic issue is still active and there was a Traffic Committee formed to evaluate our options as a community to reduce the traffic flow thru our community as well as address the speeding problem. We continue to have an Orange County Sheriff Deputy patrol Spring Island way two days a month to discourage the speeders and he will continue to write citations to those who cannot hold to a 25 mph speed. I encourage you to join the traffic committee if you are not already a member, as we need this to be a unanimous effort of our community if we are going to correct the traffic problem.
I would like to say that it has been a pleasure to serve as you HOA President this past year and I would like to thank the 2006-2007 board for their hard work as well. I would like to give special recognition to the following as they went beyond the normal to provide help to the board and the community.

Dennis Horazak (VP) - Dennis continues to keep us updated on WLCA by attending their monthly meetings and preparing a summary for each of us. This is not a normal function of a board member and I want to say thanks to Dennis for going the extra mile and hope he plans to continue as a board member.

John Tenney (Director) - John is involved in many things that could impact our community and East Orange County. He has kept us apprised of activity to make East Orange incorporated, he has organized Community Watch / Safety activities and currently leads the Traffic Committee as board liaison. Thanks John and I also hope he plans to continue as a board member.

Sandy Horazak (Newsletter Editor) - I can't say enough about Sandy. Every quarter she collects/edits and ensures that our community newsletter is delivered to each of us. She has been great as always even when she has to wait for individuals like me to get our info to her at the last minute. We could not do without her.

We all need to extend a special thanks to Lee Blackwell (Director) and Myron Davis (Treasurer) for helping with the mailing and production costs of our newsletter this past year. Both have paid for mailing and/or production cost that has helped keep our operating budget low. Thanks to both of them for extending financial help to our community.
Finally I would like to acknowledge all board members this past year for being a volunteer to your community and keeping an open mind at all times, thinking of your community first in your suggestions and decisions, and maintaining respect for all. I hope that all or many of you are part of the 2007-2008 Cypress Isles Board.
Remember that this is your community and if you want to see change or impact the decisions you should attend your HOA Board meetings. If you don't participate your concerns and or ideas can't be heard. This community has one of the most well rounded and knowledgeable boards there are and will listen to you without any prejudice or bias.
So attend a meeting and find out for yourself.

Ron D. Wiley, President

Cypress Isles Traffic Committee Update
Orange County confirms what we've always known…

As those of you who live on Spring Island Way are daily aware, we have a cut through traffic problem in our neighborhood. In March, the board decided to organize a Traffic Committee to look at the situation, collect data and suggest some possible solutions. Board member John Tenney (yours truly) was asked to lead this effort.
Our first meeting was held March 3, 2007 at the Tenney home at 13738 Crystal River Drive. 42 souls were present and 22 homes were represented on the sign-in sheet.

Preliminary discussion was held as to the purpose of the meeting:

o To officially form as a committee
o To designate co-chairs and coordinators
o To schedule next meeting
o To discuss the problem of excessive cut-through traffic on Spring Island Way
o To propose some possible solutions
o To organize

By unanimous consent it was decided to continue with an official committee. Robin Hofler and Carolyn Kreuzpaintner were elected co-chairs, and coordinators were chosen from each block of Spring Island Way and one At Large.

500 block - Tommy Tong
600 block - Mike Cirello
700 block - Roger and Sue Green and
Stephanie Hernandez
800 block - Robin Hofler and
Carolyn Kreuzpaintner
900 block - Claudia Rilea
At Large - John Tenney

Lengthy discussion was held discussing the various options, such as partially gating the community, speed bumps, "No Through Traffic" signs, and even possibly closing off two entrances with passable sidewalks.
There have been several meetings of the chairs and coordinators since then, and Orange County collected some data for traffic studies. I think we all saw those car counters laid across the entrance for a few days during each study.
Orange County was concerned that the data received from the first study was "unreliable", so a second study was conducted. When the numbers from the second study were just as staggering, Orange County has determined that we do, indeed, have a problem.
As an example of those staggering numbers:
According to the Orange County Traffic Study data, on Thursday, April 5, 2007, between 6-7 PM, 351 vehicles were counted entering our neighborhood at the 1st entrance on Spring Island Way toward Crystal River Drive.
There are only 140 homes in Cypress Isles. (So who had the big party that night??)

Results of Traffic Study for April 3, 4, 5, 2007
SIW-East = Spring Island Way from front entrance toward back entrance.
SIW-West = Spring Island Way from back entrance toward front entrance.
LW-North = Lakes Way entering Barrington; LW-South = Lakes Way leaving Barrington
Data from Orange County Traffic Engineering. Graph by Dennis Horazak

Additionally, according to the Orange County Speed Study, data revealed that someone in a big hurry on Tuesday April 3, 2007 between 6-7 AM was driving at 71 MPH on Spring Island Way - twice - once heading north, and once heading south - most likely the same individual entering and leaving Cypress Isles. It's a miracle he was able to round the curves without taking out property or life.
The next Traffic Cut-Through Study will be performed sometime between May 17 and May 24 between 5 and 6 PM - our peak time as determined by the initial volume count study. Please be advised that when this study occurs, four Orange County Traffic Engineering technicians will be present in our neighborhood recording tag numbers for each vehicle entering or exiting Cypress Isles at Crystal River Drive, Lakes Way, and both Cypress Isles entrances.
We hope to have further updated information for a presentation on the data collection at the annual meeting. We strongly urge you to attend this meeting!
It is our hope that this committee comes up with a viable and equitable solution for all involved.
If you are interested in participating, please contact Robin (407.382.7477, or Carolyn (407.658.4488, to be notified of meetings. We have scheduled the next committee meeting for Wednesday, May 30, 7:30 pm at Carolyn's house. (830 Spring Island Way) Hope to see you there.

John Tenney, Board Liaison
Robin Hofler, Co-chair
Carolyn Kreuzpaintner Co-chair

We Have a New Manager!
Our new manager is Judith Meldrum of Community Management Professionals, who has already begun working with the Cypress Isles Board. If you'd like to meet Judith, come to the June Annual Members Meeting or any future board meetings and say "Hello!"

Cypress Isles Contact List
Board of Directors

Ron Wiley, President 407 384-2564
Dennis Horazak, Vice-President 407 207-6557
Mike Kranz, Secretary 407 970-9036
Myron Davis, Treasurer 407 737-8200
Lee Blackwell, Member 407 275-2541
Harold Engold, Member 407-273-4990
John Tenney, Member 407-383-3079

Judith Meldrum, Community Management Professionals
407 903-9969 Ext.106

Neighborhood Watch
John Tenney 407-383-3079

Dennis Bode, Webmaster
Sandy & Denny Horazak, CI News Editor 407 207-6557

Three Months of WLCA Business
Here are excerpts from the February, March and April Master Association (WLCA) board meetings. To read the complete reports, go to the Cypress Isles website - or the Waterford Lakes website -
Big ARC Meeting - The WLCA Architectural Review Committee hosted its first quarterly neighborhood meeting on April 10th. Several neighborhood representatives, ARC chairs, and homeowners attended. The ARC is proposing a catalog of approved house colors to be used by all homeowners unless they live in neighborhoods with their own color catalogs (which must also be approved by WLCA). The ARC also proposes to permit the use of pavers in certain applications, as long as the colors of the pavers match either the body or the roof of the house. These proposed restrictions are now in legal review, after which they will be submitted for approval at a future Board meeting.
Neighborhood Entrance Conditions on WLCA Website - Waterford Lakes neighborhoods can now view professional assessments of the conditions of their entrance landscaping. WLCA contracts a horticulturist to report periodically on the condition of the common areas in Waterford Lakes, including the entrances to the neighborhoods. These reports are posted on the WLCA website to provide helpful information about landscaping problems. The latest report is posted on the WLCA website ( > New Documents > April Landscape Report.
Recreation Facility Use Rules Confirmed - The pool and nearby tennis courts and ball fields are intended for use by Waterford Lakes residents and a limited number of guests, even when the guests are giving tennis lessons or organizing baseball games. Committee representatives will contact the organized sports people to ensure compliance with mandated ratios of Waterford Lakes people to non-Waterford Lakes people.
Facility use rules are posted on the WLCA website ( under "Facility Use Rules."
Teen Pool Rule Clarified - The Board clarified that children younger than 14 at the pool must be accompanied by an adult older than 18, and that teens 14 or older can have up to two guests at the pool, as long as the guests are also 14 or older. All residents 14 and older must present WLCA identification cards in order to enter the pool area.
Pool Security to Be Increased - In the wake of several after-hours pool invasions, additional funds were authorized to hire more security officers for the pool area.
Next Meeting - The WLCA Board will meet next on Tuesday May 29th, thereby avoiding the Memorial Day holiday. The meeting will be at the Alafaya Library at 7:00 p.m.

WLCA Has a New Website
Those big banners on Lake Underhill are advertising the new WLCA website -

Waterford Lakes homeowners should check out this new website, which features the latest information about community facilities and schedules, and has electronic forms that can be downloaded. WLCA residents are also encouraged to add their email addresses to the site's "e-mail alert" list for the fastest access to community information. The website has safeguards, which are explained on the home page:
Selecting the 'Hide' box hides information from your neighbors.
The general public outside of WLCA does not have access to any of the information you put on this form.
Your email address will not be used for solicitation in any form and not released to anyone unless specifically approved by you.
All addressees are blind copied on emails from the Community Board of Directors, Management Company or Web Administrator, so no other email addresses are on the received emails.

Dennis Horazak

Funding for the mailing of this edition of the Cypress Isles News was provided by:


Dateworthy Notes

Some old, some new, some belated, some re-runs
Happy Birthday to:

May 23 - Michael Symons
May 23 - Cheryl Engold
May 28 - Tara Engold
July 23 - Denny Horazak
July 27 - Sandy Horazak

Happy 1st Birthday
July 17 - Sophia Katherine Tenney

Happy Anniversary to:
April 11 - Mohmood & Shyroon Ali
May 22 - Cookie & Scott Symons
May 27 - Sandy & Denny Horazak
July 19 - Harold & Cheryl Engold
August 17 - Bill & Kathi Snook

Congratulations to all of this year's graduates…K-12 and Beyond…

CIN Publication Schedule
The Cypress Isles News is published quarterly by the Board of Directors for the residents of Cypress Isles. We welcome non-commercial articles and paid advertising from our neighbors. Send email submissions to Sandy Horazak - Copy deadlines are February 1 for the February issue, May 1 for the May issue, August 1 for the August issue, and November 1 for the November issue. Articles may be edited for length, clarity, or content.

Sandy Horazak, Editor

Who Ya Gonna Call?
WLCA Office (Dawn) 407-380-3803
453 Mark Twain Blvd.
Orange County Sheriff Non-emergency 407 836-HELP (4357)
Animal Control (unleashed pets, etc.) 407 352-4390
Progress Energy Streetlight Repair 1-800-228-8485

Whatcha Gonna Click? - to report certain types of crime online, such as lost property, theft, vandalism, and vehicle burglary. - to find out what types of crimes are occurring in your area. - to check individuals for warrants. - exposes hoaxes, urban legends, and other email crap

Webmaster Extraordinaire
A huge thanks to Dennis Bode, our very talented webmeister, for continuing to maintain the best website in Waterford Lakes: He keeps it updated, easy to navigate, and full of a wealth of information.

Orange County Community Conference
This year's Orange County Community Conference will be held Saturday, July 14, 2007 at the Orange County Convention Center, (West Concourse, Hall F) from 8:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. Lunch is included. The Community Conference provides Orange County residents with the opportunity to hear about improvements that can be made in their neighborhoods.
Workshops offer a well-rounded blend of topics for individual citizens, homeowners associations, and community groups. The goal of the community conference is to educate and assist all Orange County citizens to make their neighborhoods the best possible places to live and to learn techniques to help revitalize their neighborhoods.
To view and/or print a copy of the 2007 Orange County Community Conference registration brochure (PDF), go to the Cypress Isles website, click on "Links," then "Orange County," "County Calendar," and "July 14, 2007 14th Annual Orange County Community Conference." Complete the conference workshops registration with check or money order for $10 per person early registration fee, and mail to: Orange County Neighborhood Services Division, P. O. Box 1393, Orlando, Florida 32802-1393.
REGISTER EARLY! Forms must be postmarked by Friday, June 29, 2007. After June 29th, conference cost will be $15 per person and must be paid the day of the conference at the registration desk,

For more information about the annual community conference please contact the Orange County Neighborhood Services Division at 407-836-0035.