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PLEASE Come to the Annual Meeting
Fires in Wetlands / Conservation Areas
Traffic Committee Survey Results
CIN Publication Schedule
Cypress Isles Contact List
Welcome to Cypress Isles!
Tips from the ARC
Thanks from the President
Water Restrictions
On This Date in History
New WLCA ARC Guidelines On-Line
Back by Poopular Demand
Who Ya Gonna Call?

PLEASE Come to the Annual Meeting
As this newsletter goes to press, only a handful of proxies have been received, not enough to make up a quorum to hold your Annual Members Meeting. That means you all must be planning to attend the meeting! Great!

Cypress Isles homeowners are urged to PLEASE attend this year's Annual Members Meeting on Tuesday May 20th at 7:00 p.m. at Exit Realty, on Lake Underhill Rd., just before Hooters. Can't make the meeting? Not to worry - just complete a proxy and bring it to the Secretary - Dennis Horazak at 726 Divine Circle as soon as you can. Worried about possible human interaction when delivering your proxy? Not to worry-there's a lockbox outside the front door to drop it in. We've got all excuses covered.
If you send in a proxy and then decide to come to the meeting, your presence will supersede your proxy. The important thing is that you are represented, one way or the other.

If a quorum isn't reached on May 20th (as happened with the first attempt at the 2007 Annual Members Meeting), it will have to be re-scheduled for the next month…and the next, etc, till a quorum is reached. Remember - every re-scheduled Annual Meeting requires new mailings at HOA (your) expense.

Sandy Horazak
Nag Editor

Fires in Wetlands / Conservation Areas

Photo by Cookie Symons

The Fire:
As most of you know, on Sunday, April 27th, around 3:00 pm Orange County Fire Rescue was called to our community because a brush fire had started in the wetlands directly behind homes on White Cedar Court and Spring Island Way. At the time the origin of the fire was unknown, but was suspected to have started as a result of fireworks. One of our neighborhood watch captains, Mike Langan, heard a very loud boom behind his home and went back into the wetlands to investigate. Thank goodness he did, as he was the one who spotted the fire and called 911. Orange County dispatched a truck and upon their arrival these firemen quickly realized they should call for additional help as the fire had grown and had the potential to reach homes, if not controlled very quickly.

There were 10-12 fire vehicles in Cypress Isles at one point, and a few along Lake Underhill that day. To add to their challenges, the fire was at least 150 yards or more back into the wetlands and the only way to get water on the fire was to drag the hose though the thick brush. The wind was also blowing, and the hot ash skipped from tree to tree making it even more difficult. To say the least, this community was very anxious for hours that day and for 3 days following as the underbrush continued to flare-up.

On Monday, April 28th, Barrington was at serious risk along with a number of apartment buildings off Woodbury Rd. that also border the wetlands on the other side. Again, Orange County Fire Rescue had 10-15 trucks positioned on both sides of the fire in order to contain it. Tuesday was a better day as there were no more large flare-ups, but OCFR was still here in force all day to ensure we were not at risk. By Wednesday OCFR was able to conduct their final inspection of the area and felt comfortable that the risk was gone. At the end of 3½ days, 10-12 acres of wetlands had been burned, about 20-25 OCFR vehicles had been dispatched, and somewhere around 3000 man-hours had been used.

Upon their departure on Tuesday, April 29, I was told by all three captains that NO ONE should go back into the burned area because there are trees with burned-out trunks that could fall without warning. In addition you could stir up a hot spot by stepping on or shuffling the burned bush. So please do not let your curiosity get the best of you. Please stay out of the area unless you are investigating possible activity in this area that should not be going on.

I can't say enough about the Orange County Fire Rescue Department. Many of you may have talked with fire fighters as I did, and were quick to learn that they were focused on our safety and the safety of our homes. There are those that make comments like "well that's their job," but I for one never take these men and women for granted because they choose this profession, and I am glad they do. So thank them the next time you see them.

The Cause:
Now let's talk about the suspected cause of this event. Even though it has not been confirmed by any authority, it is very strongly believed that fireworks started this fire. Based on the loud boom just before Mike Langan went into the wetlands to investigate, and the fact that he saw at a distance 1-3 unidentified persons leaving the area, lends itself to support the suspicion. This land is posted "No Trespassing", so why was anyone in there at all, one would ask?

As many homeowners along Spring Island Way know, this was not the first time we have had a fire in the wetlands. Thank goodness that about 1½ years ago when a mattress was burned back there it did not ignite the undergrowth -- but it could have. Over the last two years there have been many homeowner complaints about forts being built, paint ball courses being set up, and other activities going on in the wetlands. The HOA Board has also been concerned about these activities and has tried to reduce or stop them by talking with parents and posting of "No Trespassing" signs where possible.

These efforts may have worked to some degree, but the fact that a fire was started in this protected, no trespassing area would suggest that more stringent efforts might need to be taken.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department has advised the HOA Board that having "No Trespassing" signs posted allows their deputies to arrest anyone that is seen or caught in these protected wetlands. The only problem is catching someone. The OCSD have been called on many occasions, but when they arrived the trespassers were gone. So what do we do as a community?

How to Prevent:
The answer is simple: be proactive. If you live along conservation / wetlands, be observant all the time. Also, if you have children, teenagers, or young adults, be sure to let them know that this area is off limits and if they know of other children, teenagers, or young adults who are going back there, they should tell you. It is sad to think it will take someone being arrested as the only way to stop this from possibly happening again, but we must be responsible to our community and ourselves.

If you are concerned about helping the community enforce the "no trespassing" law, then I ask you to think about this: What will be your reaction if you have a child who is seriously hurt or your home is damaged as a result of not keeping people out of these wetlands? We do not live where hundreds of acres of land separate our family and our homes from dry natural brush. Just a small fire could be at your door within minutes!!!

I would venture to say that you will have the commitment of your future HOA boards to do everything possible to protect you and your family, but you must do your part.

Ron Wiley, President
Cypress Isles Board of Directors

For tips on what to do before or when a brush fire threatens, go to the OCFR website: Brush Fire Safety Tips.


Traffic Committee Survey Results
Speed Humps? Not this time.

On May 5th, Orange County Traffic Engineering revealed these results of the survey of Spring Island Way residents:

37 Voted YES - In favor of speed humps
28 Voted NO - Not in favor of speed humps
4 Returned undeliverable
0 Received after deadline
13 No Ballot submitted
82 Total ballots distributed

Those in favor represented 56.9% of the 65 ballots that were returned, but only 45.1% of the 82 residents surveyed. According to Orange County protocols, at least 66% would have been needed to move the project forward.

To say this is disappointing is an understatement. It was also a surprise, considering that the majority of the SIW residents who signed the petition to move forward with the project indicated they were in favor of speed humps, and intended to cast a "yes" vote. Obviously they changed their minds, or misled us from the beginning.

The back end will be experiencing traffic problems again shortly. The 6000 unit apartments on Avalon Park Blvd are now leasing. There are many other developments in progress in that area as well. These people will once again begin using our neighborhood as a cut through to avoid traffic on Lake Underhill. It currently backs up past Bradford Lakes in the mornings just about every day.

The saddest part of this whole episode is that all the time, money and resources volunteered by the Traffic Committee were completely wasted. The county will not listen to us again for at least 2 years.

Thanks to all who participated, sacrificing a great deal of their personal time to work on this for the past 14 months. Sadly, it was for nothing.

John Tenney, Traffic Committee Chair

CIN Publication Schedule
The Cypress Isles News is published quarterly by the Board of Directors for the residents of Cypress Isles. We welcome non-commercial articles and paid advertising from our neighbors. Send email submissions to Sandy Horazak - Copy deadlines are February 1 for the February issue, May 1 for the May issue, August 1 for the August issue, and November 1 for the November issue. Articles may be edited for length, clarity, or content. Advertisements are subject to approval of the Cypress Isles News staff and the Cypress Isles Board of Directors, which governs this newsletter.

Advertising in the Cypress Isles News does not constitute endorsement by either the Cypress Isles News or the WLCA. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the advertisements or the performance or proper licensing of our advertisers. We recommend that consumers check references.

Thanks to the Symons and the Engolds for delivering the newsletter to our homes. And a big thanks to Cookie Symons for coordinating the volunteers.

Sandy Horazak, Editor

Cypress Isles Contact List

Board of Directors
Ron Wiley, President 407 384-2564
John Tenney, Vice-President 407-383-3079
Dennis Horazak, Secretary 407 207-6557
Myron Davis, Treasurer 407 737-8200
John Culbertson, Member 407 658-4261
Harold Engold, Member 407-273-4990
Cookie Symons, Member 407-273-5460 NEW ADDRESS>

Community Management Professionals
Judith Meldrum
407-903-9969 Ext. 106

Neighborhood Watch
John Culbertson 407 658-4261
Traffic Study Committee
John Tenney 407-383-3079
Dennis Bode, Webmaster
Sandy & Denny Horazak, CI News Editor 407 207-6557

Welcome to Cypress Isles!
Go over and say, "Hi!"

Welcome to our new neighbors at
920 Spring Island Way

If we've missed anyone else who recently moved in, please let us know so we can mention you in the next newsletter.

Tips from the ARC

For easy access to all things ARC, check the Cypress Isles website: > Architectural Review > Homeowner's Master Documents

Those driveways and sidewalks are looking good. We want to thank those who spent their weekends outside power washing those driveways and sidewalks. They really look nice. I am sure there are lots of sore necks.

We have several new neighbors in our development and some have been notified by the management company that they are in violation of something or other. Here are some helpful hints to avoid receiving a letter:

o If it's not a garbage pick up day garbage cans must be stored out of sight from the street.
o Garden equipment must be stored in the garage or out of sight from the street.
o Ladders must be stored in the garage or out of sight from the street.
o Basketball hoops are allowed but must be maintained. A little paint cleans them up very nicely.
o Lawns should be edged and grass trimmed from growing up the side of the house or fence.
o If weeds are filling the flowerbeds, a little Roundup® goes a long way.
o Weeds should not be growing in the driveway. Roundup® kills this problem in a few hours.
o Some fences are looking very weathered. Power washing the fence restores the look.
o Dead palm fronds need to be removed. (Tired of trimming? Read "Hate Trimming Palms? Trade 'em In" in the November 2007 Cypress Isles News. It's on our website (look down))

These are all in keeping with part of the guidelines in the Declaration of the Master Covenants for maintaining your property.
No one likes receiving a letter being told they are in violation. Cypress Isles has always been one of the best looking communities in Waterford Lakes. Lets all try to keep it looking it's best.

Cypress Isles Architectural Review Committee

Thanks from the President
We are at the end of another term for the Cypress Isles Board of Directors. I, as the President for 2007/2008 term, wanted to express my personal thanks to those who served on the board in 2007/08. Being a volunteer HOA board member is typically a thankless job. Once in awhile a neighbor or homeowner will extend appreciation to a board member, but more often the women and men that serve in these roles go unnoticed.

I wanted to go on record about how much I personally appreciated each and every board director and committee member this past year, as they all went above and beyond their roles to help ensure that our community was safe and maintained its value.

Our Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, John Culbertson, really helped get our Neighborhood Watch Program back on track. He re-organized and re-assigned the blocks, with a map for each block, secured new block captains for the vacancies, and really works to bring continuity to the program again. The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) consisting of Cookie Symons and Harold Engold keep track of our community violations, ARC submissions / reviews / approvals, and community drive-through inspections with our property manager every month. Vice-president John Tenney led the Traffic Committee and, with the help of many residents, organized Park-In-Street events that positioned us with the County to secure grant money for speed humps and islands. Our Secretary, Dennis Horazak kept impeccable minutes, worked on revisions of our community documents to match the state changes, and most of all kept the entire board on track regarding anything currently in our community documents. I can't say enough about how important that job is.

The last, but certainly not the least, board member is Myron Davis. If there is any one board member you should treasure, it is our Treasurer, as Myron watches over our expenses carefully and will without hesitation question every single request to spend our money. Myron leads the charge to watch the community expenses along with the rest of your board, and I can tell you that he lets nothing slide.

Finally there is our Newsletter Committee, Sandy & Dennis Horazak. These two individuals have edited and published our community newsletter as long as I have lived here. They always do a great job and, even better, they have secured advertisers that just about cover the cost of the publication. How great is that.

Cypress Isles is the envy of all other Waterford Lakes communities in many ways, and I can tell you that your HOA board is always thinking of you, the homeowner, first and foremost in everything they do.
Thanks again to the 2007/08 Cypress Isles HOA Board of Directors.

Ron Wiley, President

Water Restrictions
No, they haven't gone away…

We are back under the same Orange County mandatory water restrictions that were implemented in 2001. As a reminder of what that means:

NO WATERING on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.
NO WATERING between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on your designated day.
Odd numbered houses (your house number ends in 1, 3, 5, 7, 9) may only water on Wednesday and Saturday.
Even numbered houses (your house number ends in 0, 2, 4, 6, 8) may only water on Thursday and Sunday.

Always use less than 30 minutes a zone on your designated day.
The exceptions to these rules are newly planted sod (30 days); and "watering in" fertilizer or chemicals within 24 hours of application, but still not between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Better get used to these restrictions - they're only going to get stricter - probably down to 1 day a week in the future. And for abusers of the rules, the water police may be slapping a fine on you!
Any questions? Ask the Orange County Water Division at (407) 254-9850, or visit their website at

Sandy Horazak
Wet & Wild Editor

On This Date in History
Some more historical than others…


May 23 - Michael Symons
May 23 - Cheryl Engold
May 28 - Tara Engold
July 12 - John Tenney
July 17 - Sophia Tenney
July 23 - Dennis Horazak
July 27 - Sandy Horazak
August 7 - Ron Wiley - a BIG one!


May 22 - Cookie & Scott Symons
May 27 - Sandy & Denny Horazak
July 19 - Harold & Cheryl Engold
Belated Anniversary Wishes to:
April 11 - Mohmood & Shyroon Ali
April 16 - Ron & Jamie Wiley - 25 yrs!
Apologies for missing these in last issue.

Congratulations to all the graduates -- from kindergarten to grad school!



New WLCA ARC Guidelines On-Line
To access these guidelines, go the WLCA website (, log in as a resident, then mouse over to Documents > Architectural Review Committee Documents.

The WLCA Architectural Review Committee announced the posting of a number of guideline documents on the WLCA website. The documents are:

Guide To Planning A Home Improvement
ARC General Application Form (ARA)
ARC Pool Application Form (ARA-Pool)
ARC Original Color Painting/Paint Change Form (ARA-Paint)
Fencing Guidelines
Access Permission Agreement
Room/Addition Guidelines
Pool Application Guidelines
Pool Deck Modification Guidelines
Solar Panels/Roof/Insulated Aluminum Elite Roof Guidelines
Paint and/or Siding Guidelines
Front Entry/Walkway/Driveway/Circular Driveway Guidelines
Concrete Curbing/Landscaping/Lawn Ornaments Guidelines
Exterior Paint Guidelines
Non-Living Objects (As Ornaments) Guidelines
Xeriscape Guidelines (low-water, more indigenous landscaping)

Complete approved minutes of WLCA board meetings are posted on the Waterford Lakes website at > Document > BOD Meeting Minutes. Comments can be sent to the WLCA Board at > Board/Committees > Address the Board.


Back by Poopular Demand…
Do You Know Where Your Pets Are?

They're in our yard! (Article being taken for a walk again by request…)

We know you love your pets. So do we. Okay, so we don't love your pets as much as we love our own. We especially don't love your pets when they are allowed to roam free, using our properties as their personal toilet area, and upsetting our pets, which are either leashed, or being kept under control in our screen enclosures. This applies to dogs and cats. It's also against the law…not part of the local or master HOA documents, but an Orange County law.

Orange County enforces animal leash and waste laws subject to fines up to $500 for non-compliance. And don't forget to clean up your pet's waste. We only want to clean up after our own pets, so please be responsible for yours. Report violators to Orange County Animal Control 407-352-4390. If you get caught up in their voicemail system, call the general county services at 407-836-3111. OR - to register a complaint online go to:

Sandy "Scoop" Horazak


Who Ya Gonna Call?

WLCA Office (Dawn) 453 Mark Twain Blvd. 407-380-3803
Orange County Sheriff - Non-emergency 407 836-HELP (4357)
Animal Control (unleashed pets, etc.) 407 352-4390
Progress Energy Streetlight Repair or Power Outage 1-800-228-8485
Call before you dig (Sunshine Network) 811

Whatcha Gonna Click? Click- on "E-Reporting" - to report certain types of crime online, such as lost property, theft, vandalism, and vehicle burglary. Click on "Property Crimes and Robberies in Your Zone" - to find out what types of crimes are occurring in your area. - to check individuals for warrants. - exposes hoaxes, urban legends, and other email crap