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Holiday Lighting Contest
WLCA Fees Up, Ours Down in 2009
Welcome to Cypress Isles!
Whatcha Gonna Click?
Cypress Isles 2009 Budget
Show Us Your Numbers!
Street Parking Defined
A Seasonal Jingle
Water Restrictions
ARC News
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Holiday Lighting Contest
Deck your yard to celebrate the holidays!
Judging for this year's annual Holiday Lighting Contest will be on Sunday December 14th starting at 7:00 p.m. Winners will be listed on our website shortly thereafter and published in the February Cypress Isles News.

Kudos to the Janoskes for their beautiful fall decorations behind our front entrance wall. The bright orange lights in their trees add a nice touch to our entrance and have received quite a few compliments. Thank you, Bob & Pam!


WLCA Fees Up, Ours Down in 2009
WLCA and Cypress Isles Homeowner fees will be $126.50 and $48 per quarter, respectively, starting January 1, 2009.
The 2009 Cypress Isles budget was approved at the September 16th, board meeting. The operating surplus from 2007 was applied to the 2009 budget, reducing the amount needed from homeowners to $48.

Each homeowner should receive two payment coupon books during December - one for Cypress Isles and the other for WLCA - and those payments go to two separate addresses. In both cases, you can either pay the first payment by January 1, or you can pay off the entire year at once and get it over with. Either way, be sure to send your coupons with your checks.

Details of the 2009 budget are listed inside under "Cypress Isles 2009 Budget."

Dennis Horazak, Secretary

Welcome to Cypress Isles!

Go over and say, "Hi!"
Welcome to our new neighbors at
712 Cedarwood Court



Cypress Isles STILL wants YOU!

We STILL Need Volunteers

Citizens on Patrol is ALMOST here
Yes, we have 3 drivers in training now but we need more. Will you help out in the community? Scott Symons, Harold Engold and John Tenney are going through training now but they are not enough to staff a full time vehicle.


What is this program and how does it work?
Citizens On Patrol is a volunteer unit made up of community residents who become an extra set of eyes and ears to fight crime in their community. Coordinated by the Orange County Sheriff's Office, they supply the training, a motor vehicle, volunteer identification, COP uniform shirt, jacket and ballcap.

How do I volunteer?
To be a volunteer, one must be 21 years of age, pass a background check and a basic physical exam. There is no cost to becoming a volunteer. The only requirement is training, which is provided by the sheriff's office.

What kind of commitment is required?
A volunteer needs to complete the training, and then commit to at least one shift per month. We haven't defined the shifts yet so that will be flexible.

The training consists of first aid, CPR, communications, mature driving and policy and procedures totaling 14-18 hours. After completing your training and background check, you are a certified volunteer. Then you work with your coordinator and volunteer as much time as you can each month patrolling your neighborhood in the Orange County Sheriff's "Citizen On Patrol" Police Vehicle.

What do I do if I see something?
You do not get involved with any individual; you just report suspicious activity or crimes you may encounter. You will call the sheriff's office on the supplied cell phone and continue your patrolling.

OK I'm interested. How do I get started?
Please call me, Harold Engold at 407-491-5233 or e-mail me at Or e-mail John Tenney at As a retired law enforcement officer of 30 years, I have seen this program in action and it does work in reducing crime.

Harold Engold,
Cypress Isles COPS Coordinator


Whatcha Gonna Click? Click- on "E-Reporting" - to report certain types of crime online, such as lost property, theft, vandalism, and vehicle burglary. Click on "Property Crimes and Robberies in Your Zone" - to find out what types of crimes are occurring in your area. - to check individuals for warrants.

Cypress Isles 2009 Budget

Cypress Isles

Approved 2009 Budget

140 Homes


2008 Budget

2009 Budget



4310 Assessments



4170 Newsletter Reimbursement  


  Interest & Miscellaneous    

Total Income



6010 Management Fees



6040 Legal Services



6050 OCHAA Membership



6070 Payment Coupons



6090 Postage



6100 Insurance - Liability



6110 Insurance - D&O    
6150 Supplies



6160 Telephone / FAX



6170 Copying & Printing



6185 Newsletter



6220 Corporate Annual Report



6240 Bad Debt



6299 Miscellaneous  



G&A Expenses



6510 Grounds Maintenance



6630 Lakes/Ponds/Waterways



6670 Entrance Maintenance - Lights, Walls & Signs



6680 Fence/Wall Repair



6730 Traffic Enforcement



7830 Electricity - Entry Lights



6799 Miscellaneous




Grounds Maint. Expenses



8010 Entrance Signage



8020 Entrance Landscaping



8030 Entrance Masonry



8040 Entrance Electric



8050 Retention Ponds



8060 Conservation Areas




Reserve Expenses




Total Expenses



New Funding Supplement Account from 2007




Net Expense




Excess / Deficit





Show Us Your Numbers!
The house numbers on many homes have either been removed, covered, or have otherwise disappeared, and should be replaced. Orange County Housing Code requires that your house number be visible from the street. The painted numbers on the curb fade over time, and do not qualify as a "house number." Visible house numbers could also save your life in the event of an emergency.

Please, as you drive down the street towards your house, put yourself in the place of paramedics at 3:00 a.m. How fast could they find your house number? Will they have to guess which house they need to go to? ("That's not it, Mary…there are no numbers on this one either…Joe, should we back up? I don't know, let's check the next one.")
Would you want your life, or the life of a loved one to tick away while the guessing game continues?

Street Parking Defined
While we try to discourage street parking, the streets are owned by Orange County, not Cypress Isles, so anyone can park in the streets. If you have an overflow of vehicles in your driveway, please do not block the sidewalk with parked vehicles, but park in the street instead.

Street Parking Is Allowed

But this is not!

Blocking the sidewalk could create a hazard for school children and other walkers and joggers who would then have to enter the street.


A Seasonal Jingle

...just do it on your designated watering day.
"Presssssure wash your walks and driveways
Fa-la-la-la-laaaa, la-la-la-la
So the reindeer won't slide sideways
Fa-la-la-la-laaaa, la-la-la-la
Clean the slime off where you're walking
Fa-la-la, la-la-la, laa-laa-laa
Keep the A.R.C. from squawking
Fa-la-la-la-laaaa, la-la-la-laaaaaaaaaa"

Water Restrictions
They're baaaaaack!…

In August 2008 Orange County sent out letters to all residents regarding the mandatory water restrictions.

As a reminder of what that means:
NO WATERING on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.
NO WATERING between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on your designated day or ANY DAY.

Odd numbered houses (your house number ends in 1, 3, 5, 7, 9) may only water on Wednesday and Saturday.
Even numbered houses (your house number ends in 0, 2, 4, 6, 8) may only water on Thursday and Sunday.
Always use less than 30 minutes a zone on your designated day.
(Did you know that overwatering causes fungus and other lawn problems?!)

The exceptions to these rules are newly planted sod (30 days); and "watering in" fertilizer or chemicals within 24 hours of application, but still not between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

And for abusers of the rules, the water police may be slapping a fine on you!
Any questions? Ask the Orange County Water Division at (407) 254-9850, or visit their website at


ARC News

For those about to embark on house painting or other exterior home projects, please remember that the WLCA Architectural Review Committee, ARC, is now using three different forms, all of which can be downloaded from Waterford Lakes web site, One Architectural Review Application, ARA, is strictly used for painting the exterior of your home. The second is for pool construction. The third is for everything else. If you are planning on more then one project then they would like a separate ARA for each project. When everything is on one application it becomes confusing when one project is approved and another may not be approved. Please remember to turn in the ARA in duplicate.

Cypress Isles has an exterior paint color book with a very large selection of colors. Please feel free to borrow the book before choosing your colors, since the WLCA is sticking to those colors and will reject anything not included in the book. Our book mirrors the WLCA book. To pick up the book, call Cookie Symons at 407-273-5460

We would again like to thank all of you who continue to keep your properties looking their best. It really makes Cypress Isles one of the nicest communities in Waterford Lakes.

Cookie Symons
Cypress Isles ARC

Dateworthy Notes


November 12 - Jamie Wiley
November 16 - Vilma Hugh
December 22 - Cookie Symons
January 26 - Kathleen Tenney
February 4 - Scott Symons
February 23 - Grace Tenney


November 30 - Dick & June Glesener

Who Ya Gonna Call?

WLCA Office (Dawn) 407-380-3803
453 Mark Twain Blvd.

Orange County Sheriff's Office
Non-emergency - 407-836-HELP (4357)

Animal Control (unleashed pets, etc.) 407-352-4390

Progress Energy Streetlight Repair or Power Outage 1-800-228-8485

Cypress Isles Contact List

Board of Directors
John Tenney, President 407-383-3079
Ron Wiley, Vice-President 407-384-2564
Dennis Horazak, Secretary 407-207-6557
Myron Davis, Treasurer 407-737-8200
Bob Hopper, Director 407-232-5555
Harold Engold, Director 407-273-4990
Cookie Symons, Director 407-273-5460

Community Management Professionals
Tonya Martinez, 407-903-9969 Ext. 109

Neighborhood Watch
Sandy Horazak, Coordinator 407-207-6557

COPS Committee
Harold Engold, Coordinator 407-273-4990

Dennis Bode, Webmaster
Sandy & Denny Horazak, CI News Editor

CIN Publication Schedule
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to our Webmaster Dennis Bode for maintaining the best website in Waterford Lakes -

Sandy Horazak, Editor


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