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Welcome to Cypress Isles!
Kirkland to Care for Common Areas
County Will Fix Sidewalk to Barrington
ARC Briefs
Picking Up the Pieces
Cypress Isles Brothers Compete at National Level
Cypress Isles Contact List
Our Entrances Need Your Help!
Neighborhood Watch
We are NOT in a flood zone!
Mark This Date


Welcome to Cypress Isles!
Go over and say, "Hi, are you guys ok?
The following new neighbors have moved in during the past several months. Here are their addresses.
513 Divine Cir 13738 Crystal River Dr
525 Divine Cir 627 Spring Island Way
617 Divine Cir 837 Spring Island Way
719 Divine Cir 848 Spring Island Way
732 Divine Cir 849 Spring Island Way
13214 Spring Haven Court
If we've missed anyone, please let us know so we can mention you in the next newsletter.

Kirkland to Care for Common Areas
This just in - We finally have a reliable landscape contractor!
Starting around Labor Day, James Kirkland Lawn Care will take care of the common areas in Cypress Isles. Kirkland was selected from a field of seven bidders based on their reputation and cost.
This marks the end of years of declining workmanship by our former lawn service, somewhat due to their own undercharging, losing money, and not being able to hire enough workers to keep up with the business.
Kirkland will maintain the areas around our entrances and two retention ponds. We have also hired them to do the hurricane clean-up around the entrances, including removal of debris and dead or leaning trees. (Don't worry; the trees will be replaced sooner rather than later) We are also negotiating with them to chainsaw the broken trees in the wooded areas behind our homes and owned by our Association in the coming months.
If you want to see a sample of Kirkland's work, check out the entranceway to Waterford Cove, which is the first neighborhood on the right as you leave the front entrance and head toward Alafaya Trail. We look forward to having that look here.

Positively, Lee Blackwell


County Will Fix Sidewalk to Barrington
Orange County is going to install handrails and fix the sloping sidewalk at our entrance to Barrington.
Erosion has undercut the sidewalk on the north side of Lakes Way, causing it to slope toward the woods, and without a handrail there is a safety hazard of falling a couple of feet into the woods off the edge of the sidewalk. Orange County is aware of the problem, but until they can fix it, children and adults alike are cautioned to be careful when riding or walking through that area, so the woods don't swallow you up like a black hole.
Let's be careful out there!

Positively, Lee Blackwell

ARC Briefs
A walk-through inspection revealed 14,264 infractions. Door knockers will be sent to Hurricane Charley.
Lost trees and bushes are supposed to be replaced within 90 days. You don't need to submit an ARC request if you are restoring your yard or home as it was.
On the other hand, if you are upgrading or otherwise changing the way your yard or home looks, you must submit an ARC request.

Picking Up the Pieces
I don't know about you, but Charley was my first Hurricane. Now our broken window is boarded, our shingles and what used to be our magnolia lies in pieces by the curb, and our pool area has become a wild insect preserve. Many of you were hit harder than we were, and the woods behind some of the houses have also taken a beating. And now we're all asking, "when will this all be cleaned up?"
Maybe by the time you read this, the storm debris will be gone; but in case it's not, here's what you can do.
1. Cut broken trees and branches into 6-foot sections and put them in cans, bundle them up, or place them between the sidewalk and the curb, but not in the street, not across the sidewalk, and not blocking the storm drains. Also, for St. John's sake, don't put them down the storm drains! If the branches are not picked up in a week or so, move them to another location by the curb so your grass underneath can recover.
2. Place scrap shingles, aluminum pieces, and other construction trash on the driveway by the curb, so you don't have to move that heavy pile to save the grass underneath. Orange County will get to it eventually.
3. If you want to remove yard waste yourself, truck it to the closest "vegetative debris disposal site," which is 1300 Fort Christmas Road in Fort Christmas. They're open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., 7 days a week for vegetation only, not other debris.
4. Be patient. We had damage, but other parts of Orange County were devastated, and that's where the emphasis is right now. Orange County provides updates on their website at You can also call the Orange County Government Citizen's Information Line at 407-836-3111, but keep in mind that they have been working lo-o-ong shifts, so you don't want to sound like the kid in the back seat asking "Are we there yet?"
5. Keep some sense of humor. I don't think anybody was hurt and things may stay messy for a while, but we'll get through this, despite (not because of) the complainers. At times like these, a positive attitude can be as helpful as a chainsaw. (Now THERE's a comparison you don't see very often!)

Dennis Horazak, President

Cypress Isles Brothers Compete at National Level
Adam and Josh Bode, of Cypress Isles, competed at the USARS Indoor Inline Speed Skating National Championships in Lincoln, NE in July. Adam placed 3rd overall in his division and Josh was a finalist in 2 relays. To reach this level they competed in meets around Florida and then placed at the Southern Regional competition. The Southern Region consists of seven states. Adam placed 1st in his individual division and a relay, while Josh placed in 2 relays at the regional level.
The boys are members of "Team Florida" out of Ocala, with satellite rinks in Kissimmee, Casselberry, and Jacksonville. Team Florida has approximately 100 members with four World Class skaters that will be competing in Italy in September. Their coach, Renee Hildebrand, is nationally known and coached at the Pan Am Games last year.
Josh and Adam also competed at the USARS Outdoor Inline Speed Skating National Championships at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO in June. They met a number of Olympic athletes, had a great time, and both came home with gold medals from relay races. They also competed at the largest invitational meet in the US this February in Philadelphia.
More information can be read about the boys and their team at:
The boys (and their parents) would like to thank the Cypress Isles residents who helped sponsor their trip with donations to their skate-a-thon in July.


Cypress Isles Contact List
Board of Directors

Dennis Horazak, President - 407 207-6557 -
Ron Wiley, Vice-President - 407 384-2564 -
Bill Snook, Secretary - 407 380-2202 -
Myron Davis, Treasurer - 407 737-8200 -
Lee Blackwell, Member - 407 275-2541 -

Penn First/Boyle Management 407-260-5344

Architectural Review Committee
Manny Juarez - 321 235-6097 -
Lee Blackwell - 407 275-2541 -
Cookie Symons - 407 273-5460 -

Neighborhood Watch
Cookie Symons - 407 273-5460 -
Myron Davis - 407 737-8200 -

Dennis Bode, Webmaster -
Sandy & Denny Horazak, CI News Editor - 407 207-6557 -

Handy Numbers
Orange County Sheriff
Non-emergency - 407 737-2400
Animal Control (unleashed pets, etc.) - 407 352-4390

Our Entrances Need Your Help!
Even after the hurricane clean-up, both entrance areas need a lot of repair, and a special homeowner assessment might be needed.
The first things you see when you enter Cypress Isles are the entrance areas, which used to be beautiful, but now have fading signs and dying plants. To reverse this decline, our homeowner association is planning a significant refurbishment of both entrance areas during the next several months to improve their appearance. Here is the "to do" list so far:
Front and Back Entrances: remove debris and dead bushes; replace dead Myrtles with Viburnum; replace Hawthorns with hardier plants; refurbish 4 Cypress Isles signs and 8 "CI" Logos.
Front Entrance: replace Myrtles with sod behind wall; add ground cover in shady areas.
Back Entrance: plant Junipers in bare areas.
The original Cypress Isles signs had dark blue backgrounds instead of the current royal blue. We could restore our original signs, or replace them with any of the styles used in other. There is a wide range of styles and costs.
The plants at both entrances have succumbed to diseases this past year, and should be replaced with hardier plants.
How Much Will It Cost?
Each entrance will probably need $10,000 to $15,000 worth of work, which is $140-215 per home for both entrances. Our reserve fund could cover about half of the project, but we might not want to drain the reserves for this one project. The rest could be provided by a special homeowner assessment requiring formal approval by 2/3 of the homeowners. Or we may have to break it into several tasks that we pay for one at a time. There are many ways to approach this problem; the trick is finding the best way for Cypress Isles.
Speak Up Now
Since every homeowner will be affected by the costs, it is important for homeowners to get involved in this project. Will you consider volunteering some of your time on this committee?
A homeowners committee will be formed at the September 21 Board meeting to analyze the situation, develop alternatives, and recommend what to do and how to pay for it. Please help plan this project. Since you will be paying for it, you should be involved in the decisions.

Dennis Horazak, President

Neighborhood Watch
Around 10 a.m. on June 22nd, 3 compact cars, each full of adult strangers, were hanging around the 500 block of Divine Circle. They claimed they weren't soliciting, which is not permitted in Waterford Lakes, but were "giving out information." Nothing was given out, but one of them did try repeatedly to obtain a chunk of sod temporarily removed by a surveyor. The strangers spent a long time just sitting in their cars talking. This could be a situation of casing the block to see who's home and who's not, or a planning expedition to steal landscaping.
Whatever their purpose, they don't live here and shouldn't be hanging around the neighborhood. If you observe such a scenario call the Orange County Sheriff's NON-emergency number: 407-737-2400. Then call the Neighborhood Watch with as many details as you can (date, time, descriptions).
Thanks to the homeowner for the report, and let's all remain vigilant to help keep our neighborhood safe!

Neighborhood Watch Coordinators:
Cookie Symons - 407-273-5460
Myron Davis - 407-737-8200
Back-up Coordinator:
Sandy Horazak - 407-207-6557

We are NOT in a flood zone!
Don't let your mortgage or insurance company tell you otherwise…
If you haven't seen the article by our neighbor, Michael Langan about flood insurance (in the May '03 and Feb. '04 issues), you should know that we are not in a flood zone. We, the editors, recently got a letter from our mortgage company stating that we needed to acquire flood insurance. (GULP!) Without this important information from Michael, we would be paying for insurance we did not need. We followed his advice and it worked. Go to our website: -- click on "archives" and you will find his very informative article in the May 2003 and February 2004 issues of the newsletter.

Mark This Date
This year, we fall back to standard time on Hallowe'en. Spooky!
In case we don't see each other before November, remember to set your clocks back on Saturday, October 31st, after you come in from trick-or-treating, to get that extra hour of partying, er, sleep.
Trick or Treat will be the usual 6-9 p.m.
And the usual advisories still apply: Porch light on? Go there. Porch light off? Don't go there. Carry a flashlight, watch for cars if you're on foot, and drivers - drive extra carefully and watch for the little ghosts and goblins. Parents - don't forget to check the goodies before eating them. Oh, and let your kids eat some too…

No more funky stuff in the address
If you have bookmarked our website (and we hope you have) please make note of the new address. It is a much more user-friendly address, and if you haven't bookmarked it, the new site can be easily accessed from your browser toolbar by simply typing in:

Be sure to check the "Services" page for a listing of sub-contractors who built our Centex homes; and there's a place to share your positive or negative experiences with repair contractors after Hurricane Charley.
THANKS to Lee Blackwell for setting up this new address; and THANKS to Dennis Bode for continuing to be Dennis the Webmeister, our skilled and talented webmaster!