Cypress Isles Traffic Control Committee


[March 2007] - A committee of Cypress Isles residents has been formed to create suggestions on how to alleviate the cut-through traffic in our neighborhood.

Following is the committee:

John Tenney (Board Liaison)
Robin Hofler & Carolyn Kreuzpaintner (Co-chairs)
Tommy Tong - 500 Block
Mike Cirello - 600 Block
Roger and Sue Green and Stephanie Hernandez - 700 Block
Robin Hofler and Carolyn Kreuzpaintner - 800 Block
Claudia Rilea - 900 Block


[May 2007] - Orange County has been contacted and they have performed 2 traffic studies. The results are listed below (information taken from the May issue of the Cypress Isles News).

Results of Traffic Study for April 3, 4, 5, 2007
SIW-East = Spring Island Way from front entrance toward back entrance.
SIW-West = Spring Island Way from back entrance toward front entrance.
LW-North = Lakes Way entering Barrington; LW-South = Lakes Way leaving Barrington
Data from Orange County Traffic Engineering. Graph by Dennis Horazak


[June 2007] - The committee will be meeting again on Wednesday July 11th. Solutions will be discussed, including signs, barriers, gates, closing roads, or any other solutions committee members may have. Please contact one of the committee members listed above if you have any suggestions or concerns.

Some traffic controlling solutions can be found @

Another solution that will be studied can be viewed @ . Here is one of their sales brochures.