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Winter 2003 Edition - Published Quarterly

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Next Meeting Will Be on February 18th
Annual Meeting Set for April 22nd
Either Show Up or Send a Proxy
And the Winners Are:
No Payments Due from 2002
No Increase Needed for 2003 Budget
County to Install Drains, Resurface Roads
Contact List
Welcome Packets for New Residents
Replacing Dead or Missing Trees
Gardening Chores by Month
It's Been Quiet and We Like It That Way
Entrance Light Set-Ups Tested
Happy Belated Birthday
Happy "BIRTH"-day


Next Meeting Will Be on February 18th
Following a new policy adopted at the January 2003 meeting, the Board will decide at the end of each meeting if there should be a meeting the following month.
There was general agreement to hold a February Board meeting, so the next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 18th at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Orange County Library - Alafaya Branch, 12000 Colonial Drive. Check the signs at both entrances for confirmation of location before the meeting.

Larry Sheeler, President

Annual Meeting Set for April 22nd
Out of respect to those last minute IRS tax filers (you know who you are, and we know who we are), instead of the usual third Tuesday of the month, which would be April 15, the Cypress Isles Annual Meeting will be held on the fourth Tuesday, April 22nd starting at 6:30 pm, most likely at the Orange County Library - Alafaya Branch, 12000 Colonial Drive. Check the signs at both entrances for confirmation before the meeting. The meeting will feature the usual effervescent discussion of neighborhood issues, followed by the election of Board members.
We welcome the involvement of new Directors and other volunteers, such as committee members, since these people are our future leaders.
If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, you will need to fill out a Candidate Information Sheet and deliver it to the Secretary by April 21st. Call Tom Bontrager at 407 282-9988 Ext.121 and ask for an application.

Larry Sheeler, President

Either Show Up or Send a Proxy
In your mail in mid-March, you will receive the Annual Meeting notice along with a proxy. If you can't come to the meeting, please send in the proxy. Hand-deliver your proxy to the Secretary, Jean Thomsin, at 600 Divine Circle, or mail it to the address at the bottom of the proxy so that it arrives 24 hours before the meeting.
What is a proxy? Homeowner proxies are used to establish the 30% quorum that is needed to hold the yearly meeting and board members elections. If a quorum is not reached on April 22nd, it will cost our Association over $100 for mailing another Annual Meeting Notice and proxies.
But that proxy is not your vote. Unlike other proxies you may have used, these are not proxies to vote on behalf of homeowners. So if you want to vote, you have to show up at the meeting.

And the Winners Are…
Winners of the Holiday Lighting Contest

1st place ($75): Wayne & Kathy Anthony
13762 Crystal River Drive

2nd place ($50): Wendy & Richard Lowe
819 Spring Island Way

3rd place ($25): Gary & Kimberly Haight
707 Cedarwood Ct.

The cash prizes were delivered the same night by our very own Santa Claus, Mr. Allen Huck. Thank you for your very special help. Look forward to next year when we will all light up once again

Yard of the Month
Recent Yard of the Month Winners are (December and January):

Jim & Linda Couch
13203 Spring Haven Ct.

Niall & Josephine Bowman
933 Spring Island Way.

Chip Crane,
Architectural Review Committee


No Payments Due from 2002
Congratulations and "hats off" to all homeowners for paying their dues on time. As of December 31, 2002, Cypress Isles had no outstanding homeowner dues. This is a historical event, the first in Cypress Isles' history. Please continue the good work in 2003.

Myron Davis, Treasurer

No Increase Needed for 2003 Budget
Same fees aGain! YAY!
The Cypress Isles Board of Directors approved the 2003 budget at the November 19, 2002 meeting.













 Mgt & Admin







The new budget has the same bottom line as last year's budget, so homeowner fees will stay the same, too. Details are available from Board members upon request.

Myron Davis, Treasurer

County to Install Drains, Resurface Roads
No more driving while only half-awake on Spring Island Way
The Orange County Public Works Department, Road & Drainage Division, is planning to install 'underdrain' in two sections of Spring Island Way within the next four months, and then to monitor the area for 6-8 weeks. After that, the Cypress Isles subdivision will be milled and overlaid (re-surfaced). The total project will take approximately 4-6 months and is subject to budget availability.
It will be a dirty job (but somebody's gotta do it); so be prepared for lots of mud in your driveways and sidewalks.
If it's any consolation, Jade Forest and Barrington are having the same operation at the same time.

Contact List
Board Members

Sonya Barsness 407
Chip Crane 407
Myron Davis, Treasurer 407
Steve Hartman, Vice-President 407
Larry Sheeler, President 407 282-9988
Cookie Symons 407
Jean Thomsin, Secretary 407
Tom Bontrager, Manager 407 282-9988
Dennis Bode,
CI News Editor and Copyboy
Sandy & Denny Horazak 407

Welcome Packets for New Residents
Are you new? Do we have a welcome package for you!
Sonya Barsness has compiled a comprehensive "Welcome Packet" with information about Cypress Isles; Waterford Lakes; and Florida (actually, most of us DO know how to vote); local groups; and phone numbers to call in times of emergency or stress.
Thanks to Sonya for her extensive work on the Welcome Packets, and thanks also to Ron Wiley for his contribution to the community in distributing Sonya's Welcome Packet to new neighbors.
If you're new to Cypress Isles, contact Sonya (407 282-7300) or Ron (407-384-2564) to get your packet… and welcome to Cypress Isles!

Replacing Dead or Missing Trees
Bad Tree? Call Jean Thomsin
About 15 to 20 homeowners have trees that are either not growing, dead, or missing. I will try to obtain additional free trees (Winged Elms) from Orange County and organize a planting during March or April for interested homeowners.
If you have a dead, not-growing or missing tree and you would like to plant and maintain a replacement tree, please contact me (see Contact List).

Jean Thomsin, Master Gardener

Gardening Chores by Month
This is an excerpt from 2003 Central Florida Gardening Almanac, an article that appeared in the Orlando Sentinel about the monthly major garden chores one should do in Central Florida to keep both yard and lawn in top shape. The source of the information is Tom MacCubbin, Orange County Extension Service.

February - Average temperatures high/low 74/51 - Expected rainfall 2.35 inches.
Trim crape myrtles by removing only the ends of limbs with seedpods.
Begin applying a pre-emergence crab-grass control in lawns.
Average last frost date is Feb. 15; begin warm-season plantings.
Divide and transplant perennials.
Plant bare-root and container-grown trees, shrubs and vines.
Prune ornamental grasses to within a foot of the ground.
Clean birdhouses to prepare for spring nesting.

March - Average temperatures high/low 79/56 - Expected rainfall 3.54 inches.
Apply a weed and feed or turf fertilizer to lawns.
Feed citrus, palms, shrubs and vines.
Adjust sprinklers and trim limbs of shrubs that might effect watering.
Spring arrives March 20; fill flower beds with warm-season color.
Move cold-sensitive foliage plants outdoors.
Design the landscape with a majority of drought tolerant plants.
Establish a new lawn or repair a damaged lawn with sod, plugs or seed.

April - Average temperatures high/low 83/60 - Expected rainfall 2.42 inches.
Remove flower heads from poinsettias; trim established plants to 18 inches.
Daylight-saving begins at 2 a.m. April 6; plan chores for evenings.
Feed hungry palms lightly but monthly through fall.
National Arbor Day April 25; plant a tree or shrub.
Complete pruning azaleas, camellias and other spring flowering plants.
Regreen yellowing bahia lawns with an iron-only application.
Feed vegetable plantings lightly every three to four weeks.
To see the remaining months of gardening chores, the entire article can be found on our website:

Jean Thomsin, Master Gardener

It's Been Quiet and We Like It That Way
We hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday season. The past few months have been quiet. We only had one report of a lawn being driven across late at night. It looked like a champagne-colored Honda driven by a college-age person heading into Bradfordt Lakes thru Crystal River Drive.
Even though it has been quiet, don't forget to lock the car doors and bring in remotes from cars left in the driveway all night, as well as remembering to close the garage doors. I'm guilty of that one myself. Sometimes we just forget.
We are also looking to catch up with any new homeowners. If you are a new homeowner please give one of us a call and give us your phone numbers, and emergency numbers where you can be reached. We have Block Captains and they will be calling you or e-mailing you in the event we have something to report.
You won't want to be left out. One of us at the bottom of this article will contact your Block Captain and make sure your name is added to the call list and get back to you so you know who they are. This system does work, just please let us know who you are. So many people are moving in and out it's getting harder for us to keep up. We do live in a nice area and usually it stays quiet, but occasionally things do happen. So give one of us a call.
Cookie Symons - 407-273-5460
Myron Davis - 407-737-8200

Cookie Symons, Neighborhood Watch

Entrance Light Set-Ups Tested
Last year, the Board appointed Chip Crane and Ron Wiley as the Entrance Lighting Committee to investigate entrance lighting options and potential vendors. They've been busy.
At the January meeting, Ron Wiley reported on a fairly extensive effort in which he has looked at all 23 entrances of Waterford Lakes Communities on Mark Twain and Lake Underhill Rd. to see how they lighted their entrances. Following on this effort, he recommended that the Board choose between the set-ups at Bradfordt Lakes, Waterford Cove, Emerald Trace, and Bradfordt Village. The Board is currently evaluating which set-up is preferred.
Meanwhile, Ron also tested a preliminary lighting set-up at the right side front entrance using power from a consenting homeowner's house.
He mentioned that installing a meter-outlet combination for each light might save the HOA considerable money, since boring under the road surface could be minimized or omitted. Ron is working on further installation and operating cost details.
Ron also discovered that a Cypress Isles resident who owns an electrical contracting company has offered his assistance to help design and install the entrance lighting. Please come to the next HOA meeting if you would like to hear more about the entrance lighting project.
Speaking for all of us, the Board commends Ron for his hard work.

Happy Belated Birthday…
February 3 - Claire Sheeler
February 4 - Scott Symons

Happy "BIRTH"-day
Welcome to Christopher Ariza Magnell, who entered this world on January 31, 2003 at Winter Park Hospital at 7:27 a.m., tipping the Baby Scale at 7 lbs. 1 oz, and registering 21" on the Baby Meter. The proud parents are Erik and Felicia Magnell, and the even prouder grandparents are Eddie & Liz Magnell of Spring Island Way. Congratulations to all!



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